RE: [DNS] MIT sending advertising for

RE: [DNS] MIT sending advertising for

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:00:31 +1000

auDA's Interim Code of Practice specifically bans unsolicited emails
from it's registrars.

Do you have an existing relationship with MelbourneIT?

Interim Code of Practice for Registrars and Resellers in the .au Domain

"5.5	Domain name suppliers may make a service offering to a
registrant (other than as described in 
paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2), provided that:


	e) the offer is not sent as an email message, unless the domain
name supplier has an existing relationship with the registrant, or the
registrant has requested to opt-in to receive marketing information from
the domain name supplier. Any such email must include a simple and
effective opt-out mechanism;"

If you believe MelbourneIT's actions are against the Code of Practice
then please lodge your complaint via this process:

For more information on the spam problem in Australia visit:


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> From: drew
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> Subject: [DNS] MIT sending advertising for
> Hi guys,
> Interesting when i got back from lunch this arvo to notice 
> that MIT had taken the time to send me an email to let me 
> know that the derivative of my .org domain was 
> available, and they would be happy to register it for me. Hmm 
> maybe if they would like to start up a business with my 
> domain name included in its trading name as well, i might qualify
> :) It was even nicer that they used my full name, how 
> pleasant. I look forward to hearing from my customers who 
> receive this email, maybe they will let me know that they 
> dont want to go thru me as a reseller anymore, as they can 
> get the bonus .com thrown in for free if they go directly.
> Any feedback is more than welcome :)
> Cheers,
> Drew
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