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Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 00:19:12 +1000 (EST)
CNN Files Largest UDRP Challenge - from 
Cable News Network, better known worldwide as CNN, filed the largest
UDRP case to date this week against a Lebanese company that
registered 355 domain names containing the CNN trademark and country

Privacy deal over net names
The overseers of the .uk net domain are delaying changes to the list
of who owns which site to head off worries over privacy.

ICANN Approves Waiting List Service 
That crashing sound you hear is the sound of an entire niche industry
collapsing. VeriSign's controversial call for a waiting list service
was passed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) late last week, despite objections raised earlier by one of
its supporting organizations. 
With the dot-com bubble burst, companies like are
struggling to survive. It would seem the fervor for tony Net
addresses has suffered a similar fate: registrations for the top
domains (.com, .net and .org) fell by 3.5 million from October to
June, according to industry researcher

uk "wait list" launched
A new "wait list" service exclusively for .uk domains was launched
today by London-based Focus Digital. Designed to capture .uk domains
that have been allowed to lapse by their current registrants, the
system is similar to Verisign's proposed "wait list" service.

Nominet shrinks its expanded WHOIS
UK domain name authority Nominet has reconsidered the details of its
proposed expanded WHOIS database after concerns over privacy were
raised. The new system will allow individuals to opt-out from having
their full address details displayed on-line.,,t269-s2121382,00.html

Masters Of Their Domains? 
In late 1999, Southern California incubator eCompanies plunked down
$7.5 million for the Internet address, a move destined
to join the avalanche of Internet Super Bowl ads as prime examples of
dot-com excess. But at the time, the company - billed by its founder
as "the Yahoo of business" - drew considerable attention, not to
mention $61 million in venture money from The Financial Times, media
magnate Mort Zuckerman and publishing house McGraw-Hill. Putting up
$7.5 million for a prime Web address, during the dot-com boom, was
similar to the thought behind buying oceanfront property: location,
location, location.

VeriSign: Give Us Your DNS 
Looking to keep its dominance as a domain registrar, VeriSign Monday
took the wraps of a series of services it hopes will satisfy even the
most finicky systems administrator. 
The Mountain View, Calif.-based said its Managed DNS Services suite
has expanded to include complete outsourcing, in-house control and a
combo package that lets the domain administrator roll their own.

Preliminary Report - Special Meeting of the Board - 23 August 2002
The ICANN Board of Directors held a meeting by teleconference on 23
August 2002. The Board adopted the following resolutions:

Jerry Garcia Estate Wins .name Case - from 
The estate of Jerry Garcia became the third successful complainant
under the .name Eligibility Requirements Dispute Resolution Policy in
a decision issued this morning. NAF Panelist Tyrus R. Atkinson, Jr.
ordered the domain name Jerry.Garcia.Name transferred to the estate
of the former Grateful Dead lead singer.

Giambi Brothers Strike Out in UDRP, Become 1st Sports Personalities
to Lose Case - from
In a decision published yesterday by the NAF, brothers and Major
League Baseball players Jason and Jeremy Giambi became the first
sports personalities to lose a UDRP case. NAF Panelist R. Glen Ayers
found that the brothers did not have exclusive rights in the surname
Giambi, and allowed the registrant, Tom Meagher, to retain ownership

A scam to bring the house down
You and your partner are done up to the nines for a night out at the
opera, ballet or theatre.
The thieves copy official Web sites of premier venues to almost every
detail, including theatre layouts and restaurant information, and
constantly update shows. The crucial difference is the scam site has
its own credit card booking set-up, so your money goes directly into
their account. 
The bogus site for Sydney appears on the Net as -
as opposed to the genuine site, But the
outfit has created 23 sites mirroring opera houses in Europe,
including Paris and Vienna's.

From BNA Internet Law News...
In a pair of decisions released on Friday, the 4th Circuit Court of
Appeals has upheld the constitutionality of the in rem jurisdiction
provisions found in the anticybersquatting act. The courts
characterize the domains as property, concluding that by registering
the domains in the State of Virginia, the registrant exposes the
domains to the jurisdiction of the Virginia courts at least for the
purpose of determining who properly owns them. The cases involve
actions brought by Porsche and Harrods. Decisions at:

From BNA Internet Law News...
A UDRP panelist has issued a pair of rulings involving the Paxton
Herald, a Pennsylvania weekly newspaper. While the registrant claimed
to use the domain for a criticism site, the panelist ruled that
though the content of a site may enjoy free speech protection, the
use of a trademark in the domain name does not enjoy the same
protections. Decisions at: - Yahoo! Digital How To
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