Re: [DNS] Melbourne IT spam lost customers

Re: [DNS] Melbourne IT spam lost customers

From: Marco Botros <mehanna§>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 11:08:33 +1000

this is the same that has occured with a client of mine.

it should not be that way, so what is the solution here.

I mean MIT was paid for a full two years.

when you transfer like you transfer a dotgTLD it should be the same
should it not?.


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From: Josh Rowe <josh&#167;>
To: Dns List <dns&#167;>
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2002 11:20 PM
Subject: [DNS] Melbourne IT spam lost customers

Melbourne IT sent the email below through to one of my company's clients

By transferring their domain name away from MelbourneIT to another
registrar my client lost all of:

"3 hrs, 39 mins & 40 seconds" on their existing domain name
licence with Melbourne IT.

Here are the details of the transfer to the new registrar:

Order-id Date Domain
Years Status Order Type Cost 
[snip-snip] 2002-08-01 18:20:20 [snip-snip] 2
processed transfer [snip-snip]

and Melbourne IT's SPAM ...

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From: Melbourne IT Ltd [mailto:notices&#167;] 
Sent: Thursday, 29 August 2002 7:35 
To: [snip-snip]
Subject: SUBJECT: Melbourne IT | .au Transfer Verification

Dear .au Registrant,

We received a notification from [snip-snip] on August 2, 2002 that you
authorised a transfer of your domain name licence [snip-snip]
from Melbourne IT to [snip-snip].

Please note that you will lose any remaining time on your existing domain name licence from Melbourne IT and your domain name will
have a fresh 2 year licence period from the date of transfer.

If you did not authorise this transfer away from Melbourne IT, please
contact us at unauthorisedtransfers&#167;

In the event you did authorise this transfer request, Melbourne IT would
welcome any feedback you can provide as to why you chose to transfer
away from Melbourne IT so that we can improve our service in future.

Please send your feedback and comments to Melbourne IT at


Melbourne IT


Melbourne IT Limited 'Trusted Australian Registrar' 
ABN         : 21 073 716 793
Trading as  : Internet Names WorldWide (INWW)
              Internet Names Australia (INA)
Email       : sales&#167;
Website     :
Offices     : Melbourne, San Francisco, Madrid
Head Office : Level 2, 120 King Street
              Melbourne  Victoria  Australia  3000 


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