Re: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

Re: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

From: Adrian Chadd <adrian§>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 09:56:47 +0800
On Fri, Aug 30, 2002, Phil Wright wrote:

> I believe that a survey of all Australians between 12 and 60 would reveal
> that only about 5-8% have even heard of auDA let alone understand it's role.
> These low figures are reflected back to me by other consultants who are
> trying to educate their client bases and from my own client-base.  Even many
> IT consultants and managers still do not know of your existence -
> fortunately for your organisation, we attempt to educate them for you when
> we discover their lack of exposure to auDA.
> I believe that such mis-communication is gravely effecting the wide public
> realisation of accountability and understanding of the local .au rules,
> regulations, market climate and procedures.

.. and, funnily enough, I do remember that AuDA's budget allows for quite
a bit of "education" this year.

Yes. Actually, located at is the
transition to competition budget, which has:

"Education and Media"		$110,000

Ok. So maybe someone should have brought it up before, but now is a good a time
as any.

Chris, what exactly does the above cover? Will it/has it been covering
AuDA exposure and .. well, addressing the above concerns, or was it something

Also, does AuDA have an updated document covering the actual incomings/outgoings
to date relevant to this transition budget? If not, can you give a reasonably
firm date when this document will be publicly available?

People, people. The AuDA site has _oodles of documentation_. Why not _read it_
before running around and shouting blue murder? If you want to "get at" AuDA,
why don't you use the stuff that they've published (or not published, not clarified,
etc) and politely comment on it here rather than running around like schoolchildren
screaming "not fair, he's picking on me! he's getting treated differently!"

Adrian Chadd			"<WeBGrrL> i WAS a lesbian.....but now i love everyone :P"
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