RE: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

RE: [DNS] WHOIS lookups

From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 12:54:54 +1000
I would have thought a snail-mail out to every registrant enclosing a list
of the new regulations and the contact details and explanation of the role
of auDA would have been a good start?  IMO it is always best to educate
those already in school before you try those who don't attend.

The brochure could also enclose info on how to obtain further info online
about announcements and other things that may effect the registrants - ie
warning notices etc etc

I think that I would have done it prior to the public submission periods and
subsequent changes to rules etc - that way *all* the stakeholders would have
been made aware and have equal opportunity to have a say in .au

Surely there was a lot of missing publicity with regard to the generic
auctions?? - most of my new clientele were not aware of the auctions at
all!!!!!!!  Only 2 of my existing clients were aware of the auctions prior
to the close of registrations and another 12 found out only with the leak of
auction prices that made the mainstream media.  I think that greater
exposure could have already been achieved by the brochure mentioned above -
fancy that 2 birds with one stone?

Another more general public splash (give away a 1300cc tiny imported 4
Cylinder cheap car as a competition with entry being the registration of a
domain under the "new" .au tld - fund the cost of the car from equal amounts
from each registrar etc who is going to windfall from the extra sales)
coinciding with the launch of the new system - maybe it could even have been
a quiz about the new rules???

How about a requirement that all "new" registrars email out (a one-off) to
all their existing customers an auDA document with the brochure info on
auDA, announcement of the auction or progress, or new rules etc etc?

Just silly standard marketing ideas really....

my 2c worth (not worth adding GST on that - sorry Mr Howard)

Phil Wright

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On Fri, Aug 30, 2002, Chris Disspain wrote:

> Into the future we also have an education and media budget and are
> presently strategising the various methods of educating the public. For
> example, should we run a series of early general news press ads in the
> major papers or is that too scatter gun? Should we undertake a hard copy
> mail out to every domain name holder providing them with relevant
> information (given that any time we email the database we are accused of
> spamming it seems inappropriate to use email) and so on.

.. so now, those of you with issues about the lack of public knowledge
about AuDA - do you have any suggestions?


Adrian Chadd			"<WeBGrrL> i WAS a lesbian.....but now i love everyone :P"

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