Re: [DNS] wonder why the list went quiet...

Re: [DNS] wonder why the list went quiet...

From: Craig Ringer <craig§>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 15:15:24 +0800
bw wrote:
>>Hopefully this provides an explanation for those who have neither the
>>wit nor the ethics to check publicly available information prior to
>>making derogatory comments.
>>Chris Disspain
>>CEO - auDA
> Is insulting people a CEO thing or a Lawyer thing?

Hmmm.... probably a thing confined to people fed up with amazing amounts 
of petty and stupid behavior on a list theoretically dedicated to useful 
and constructive discussion.

I've been monitoring this list pretty much since it started and - sorry 
- it probably needs to be moderated or canned. I was really interested 
in what AuDa was getting up to, but this list - the only really 
publically accessable way of following what AuDa and the Australian DNS 
sytem is up to - is proving more trouble than its worth. It seems to me 
that the signal/noise ratio is _way_ out - to almost Slashdot levels.

Sorry about the flame... but I'm fed up. I was hoping this list would be 
something constructive.


Craig Ringer
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