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From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 22:59:33 +1000 (EST)
ICANN Gets Tough With Verisign
VeriSign could lose its right to sell ".com" domain names if it fails
to clean up its public database that records who owns which Web

ICANN Threatens To Revoke VeriSign's Right To Sell Dot-Com Names 
The world's largest retailer of top-level Internet addresses could
lose its right to sell "dot-com" domain names if it fails to address
accusations that it violated its contract with global Internet
addressing authorities.

Unplugged: VeriSign's Hallam-Baker
Whether you're just accessing a Web site, placing a phone call,
watching TV or developing a Web service, sometime in the not to
distant future, virtually all such transactions will converge around
Internet protocols. Phillip Hallam-Baker, VeriSign's principal
scientist, provides a unique glimpse of this future, explains how his
company intends to capitalize on it, and turns David Berlind into a
VeriSign believer.,14179,2879094,00.html

VeriSign: Vision so good, it's scary
Somewhere down the road, the convergence of various technologies,
including but not limited to voice, data, and interactive TV, will
converge around TCP/IP When they do I'm rather confident that
VeriSign will touch you in more ways than one. The company appears to
have an acute vision of the future that all of us can learn from as
we chart our own courses. Despite losing $4.8B in its last quarter
(mostly due to a goodwill right-off), the company is positioned to be
a preeminent if not indispensable link in the global communications
and e-commerce chains.,14179,2879127,00.html

Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform
Second Interim Implementation Report

ICANN Announcement - Steps to Improve Whois Data Accuracy

EU seeks bidders for European domain
The European Commission is looking for an organization to run .eu,
the top-level internet domain name the Commission hopes to create for
companies and individuals in European Union member states.

Call for expressions of interest for the selection of the .EU tld
registry (from Quicklinks)
Official Journal of the European Communities C 208 of 3.9.2002.
Interested parties have until 25 October 2002 to reply (deadline).
see also The creation of a ".eu" Top Level Domain (Europa).

New personnel at Maori Internet Society
The New Zealand Maori Internet Society has elected its second interim
chairperson in a month following the sudden resignation of Bernadette
Murray for personal reasons.!opendocument domain names live this week
Domain Name registrar is gearing up for the launch
of the new Domain Name on Thursday of this week. General
Manager Richard Shearer says now that InternetNZ have confirmed the
names will be available to register after 11 am on Thursday morning,
his team are getting ready for the rush of initial registrations.!opendocument

From BNA Internet Law News...
European Commission Addresses Privacy Implications Of Dot-Name
The European Commission has issued a statement on the privacy
implications of dot-name domains. The EC says that it will follow how
the service is offered since it would only be considered consistent
with EU privacy law if it meets certain criteria that provide users
with control over their domain.

Appeals Court Upholds Ruling in Case 
A federal appeals court has upheld a landmark $65 million award to an
Internet entrepreneur whose domain name -- "" -- was usurped
by an online pornographer, dismissing an appeal by the defendant
because he is a fugitive from justice.;jsessionid=LDZDLMUD1BLDMCRBAEKSFEY?type=internetnews&StoryID=1405054

Getting your PH Domain Just Got Easier
dotPH, the official Philippine Domain Registry, recently launched its
new Waitlist service. The feature gives domain registrants a chance
to get the domain they've always wanted. By signing up for the
Waitlist, a prospective registrant is first in line to get a domain
that expires and is not renewed. - Yahoo! Messenger for SMS
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