RE: [DNS] No end to Internet Registrations Australia SPAM/SLAMMING

RE: [DNS] No end to Internet Registrations Australia SPAM/SLAMMING

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 09:38:24 +0100
On a related note, the domain is the private label
transfer site run by enom for its resellers.  It is also used by "Domain
Registry of Australia".  This site is designed such that it gives the impression
that the reseller is an ICANN-accredited registrar in their own right when
clearly they are not.

This has been brought to ICANN's attention, and you never know, they may
actually do something about it.

It is interesting to see however that resellers with the same business model
are gravitating towards the same supplier...


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>Well it looks like they are at it agian.. see below
>Recieved today and the funny part is we are not even an authority on this
>Dear Customer,
>You are receiving this notice because you are listed as one of the
>contacts for thedomain name <REMOVED>.COM.
>We have received a transfer request to move this domain to a different
>registrar.Please click on the following URL link and let us know if you
>disapprove this domain transfer:
>PLEASE NOTE: if the link below is broken you will need to copy and paste
>everything between < > into your browser
>The deadline for responding to this request is: Sep 11, 2002.
>Thank you for your time and attention regarding this matter.
>If you have any questions please reply to this e-mail.
>Internet Registrations Australia
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