Static IP and Reverse DNS Required?

Static IP and Reverse DNS Required?

From: Jarrod Hollingworth <jarrod§>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 21:49:25 +1000
I am trying to find a good web host for my domain names. I thought
that I had found one but after setting up my account they said:

"...unfortunately we do not host domains, as they require a static
IP address and this isn't a feature we support, sorry"

On searching around the net I couldn't find any web site or news group
posting that stated this as a requirement so I queried the web host again to
which they replied:

"Yes, it sure is a pain. I wish I could explain the details better, but from
what I understand, due to DNS requirements for's (who knows
who set it up!), they require their own IP address and reverse DNS set up on

This web host is based in the U.S. (Australian web hosts have much higher
prices, particularly when you try to host 6 web sites) and has been around
for some time, and the techie that I was discussing this with is very
knowledgeable, having been the principal person in setting up their web
hosting services.

Is any of this true:
- Is a static IP address required to host
- Does a reverse DNS need to be set up on the host?
Is there any hiccups with domain names that should cause problems
for a virtual web host that cannot allocate a static IP address to each
domain name?

Jarrod Hollingworth
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