Re: [DNS] Letter From NetRegister

Re: [DNS] Letter From NetRegister

From: Jim Birch <jbirch§>
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 12:47:25 +0800
Something like this should be knocked on the head immediately with a 
large blunt instrument and it's a sad reflection on our wonderful new 
domain management structure that it will probably take months for 
nothing to happen.  These letters are clearly misleading and their 
originators should be booted out the system immediately.  I personally 
strongly favour firebombing their offices but luckily I am on the wrong 
side of the country.

Jim Birch 

Rod Keys wrote:

>auDA should take legal action on behalf of all .au registrants. registrars
>and their licenced resellers. It is clear from the amout of phone, email,
>and faxes that we have been taking that they are misleading .au registrants.
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