Re: [DNS] Domain-name anger flares again

Re: [DNS] Domain-name anger flares again

From: TV Fugly Awards <awards§>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 09:31:55 +1000
This is starting to get repetitive....I am truly sick of all the negative
reporting about the Domain Name and Internet Industries.

Sure the stories highlight a major concern. But the amount of mainstream
publicity that gets given to the negative side of the domain industry
through the aggressive marketing practices of a few shonky companies will
ultimately affect all the new registrars and their resellers because it will
just encourage consumers to stay with their existing Registrar Melbourne IT.

Although I didn't initially agree fully to Net Registry's idea for a
industry legal fund, I now feel that something needs to be done.

The Resellers, Registrars, Ausregistry, auDA, Internet Association of
Australia, National Office for the Information Economy together have to work
out a solution to build trust into the domain name/Internet Industry so that
small businesses and their consumers are not turned away from the industry
as a whole as a platform for business and commerce.

Anyway just my opinion

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> Subject: [DNS] Domain-name anger flares again
> Domain-name anger flares again
> Josh
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