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Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:13:08 +1000 (EST)
Registries wanted for .eu domain (reg req'd)
The European Commission is calling on potential registries
for the new .eu top level domain to send in their
applications before October 25.

A New Internet Domain for Europe
In the future, European webmasters can register their sites
with an .eu suffix. It’s the latest move by the EU to
promote e-commerce and even e-identity in Europe, as well
as to stand up to the .com behemoth.,3367,1446_A_633214_1_A,00.html

ACCC Alleges Misleading Conduct by Internet Registrations
Australia (news release)
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has
instituted Federal Court proceedings against domain name
reseller Internet Registrations Australia.

ACCC tackles IRA over "misleading" Web practices
Controversial Australian domain name reseller Internet
Registrations Australia is being taken to court by the
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
amidst allegations of misleading conduct.,2000024981,20268297,00.htm,7204,5120815%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html

Third Status Report: Formation of ccNSO Assistance Group -
Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform
At its meeting in Bucharest on 28 June 2002, the ICANN
Board adopted and endorsed the Evolution and Reform
Committee's (ERC's) Blueprint for Reform, and directed the
ERC to oversee further detailed implementation and
transition work based on the Blueprint for Reform, with the
continued involvement and participation of the ICANN

Update Regarding RIR Submissions - Committee on ICANN
Evolution and Reform
On September 13, the three existing regional Internet
registries (RIRs) – APNIC, ARIN, and RIPE NCC – posted a
statement to the ERC comment list stating that they cannot
support the ERC's proposed changes to the composition of
the ASO, the proposed changes to the support mechanisms of
the ASO, and the proposed changes to the role of the ASO
within ICANN because the ERC has not been responsive to
their earlier postings. The ERC is concerned that the RIRs
have gained that impression because the ERC, while
considering comments from all sources, has not explicitly
noted in its Interim Implementation Reports each point of
agreement or disagreement with each individual comment. We
have paid careful attention to RIR submissions and
statements (and the numerous private conversations with
members of the RIR staffs and the addressing community)
over the past several months – and indeed have incorporated
some of the suggestions in our recommendations and other
postings – even though we have not responded point by point
to the RIR submissions any more than we have to those from
other sources.

Danish court ruling could force domain-name law reforms
(reg req'd)
A court defeat for a Danish internet registrar over
registration rights for the domain could lead to an
overhaul of the country's domain name regulations.

Senate Subcommittee Considers Proposal
On September 12 the Senate Subcommittee on Science,
Technology, and Space held a hearing on proposed
legislation (S. 2537) to mandate the creation of a
"" Internet domain for child safe material. While
CDT agrees that protecting children is a high priority,
federally-mandated creation of such a domain would raise
more questions than it would answer, and would not lead to
safer online experiences for children. In a letter to the
Subcommittee CDT urged the consideration of alternate
online-safety programs, such as education for children and

ICANN Issues Preliminary Selection of New .org Operator
On August 19, staff at ICANN (the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers) released a preliminary report
naming the Internet Society (ISOC) as the new operator of
the .org Internet domain. ICANN is the organization
responsible for overseeing critical Internet functions such
as naming and addressing. Over the past several months,
ICANN solicited bids from eleven would-be operators of
.org. The August 19 report kicks off a week-long
opportunity for public comment (comments should be mailed
to org-eval&#167;, and a final selection from the
ICANN Board of Directors is expected in September, with the
new operator to assume operation of .org January 1. .org is
one of the Internet's most popular domains, with over 2
million registrations.

Stelios faces challenger in easy domain name crusade
The ongoing crusade against any domains that feature the
word "easy" by Easy Group and its head Stelios Haji-Ioannou
may finally have come unstuck with art print site

Cybersquatting law gets longer reach 
Expanding the reach of a 1999 federal act meant to curb
cybersquatting, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has
ruled that aggrieved parties can use the act's in rem
provisions not just to stop bad-faith Internet domain name
registration, but also to combat trademark infringement and

Virtual Countries, Inc. v. Republic of South Africa
(subscription req'd)
In dispute over domain name, foreign government and tourism
board had sovereign immunity under Foreign Sovereign
Immunities Act where actions complained of had no direct
effect in United States.

Go Daddy offers anonymous domain registration
A new sister company of Go Daddy Software Inc is to start
offering internet users anonymous domain name registration
from today, becoming the first major domain name registrar
to do so.

Public Announcement: Operations Updates Effective
Dot-ca Registrations Cross the 300,000 Milestone
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) revises
its policies and rules on a quarterly basis to respond to
the demands of registrants and potential registrants,
better meet the needs of CIRA Certified Registrars, and
implement operational improvements. The following revisions
to CIRA's operations are effective September 15, 2002:

From VeriSign Digital Branding Bulletin
September has been an active month in the domain name
world. ICANN's preliminary appointment of a new registry
for .ORG — and its subsequent decision to delay a final
decision — caused a stir this month. The European
Commission announced their search for a registry to launch
the .EU domain name, and ICANN tentatively approved
VeriSign's much talked about Wait List Service. Meanwhile,
in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (.AE)
announced plans to become only the second Top-Level Domain
to allow registration of domain names without significant
restrictions (the other is Israel), while China blocked
access to Google and AltaVista, and the Top-Level Domains
of Afghanistan (AF) and Bangladesh (.BD) remain dormant.

The Notebook Company reserves more domains 
The Notebook Company, the notebook and accessories retailer
( - which believes 90% of its revenue is
driven via the Internet - has announced that it has
reserved a number of additional domain names to ensure
"Internet continuity".


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