Media Release

Media Release

From: Chris Disspain <ceo§>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 12:02:18 +1000
auDA launches Trade Practices claim against Internet Registry Pty Ltd
(trading as NetRegister) and its Director, Chesley Rafferty


Melbourne, 20 September 2002 - auDA yesterday filed Federal Court
proceedings against Internet Registry Pty Ltd and its Director Paul
Chesley Rafferty in respect to the 'NetRegister' mail out sent by them
to domain name registrants early last week.


auDA is seeking certain interlocutory injunctions and, as final relief;


*       Declarations that the mail out is misleading or deceptive in
certain respects; 


*       Declarations that Internet Registry has engaged in conduct which
is misleading

or deceptive in breach of the Trade Practices Act and, in breach of the

has falsely represented the need for services.


*       Declarations that Paul Chesley Rafferty was knowingly concerned
in the breaches of

the Trade Practices Act by Internet Registry.  


*       An order directing Internet Registry to send out a corrective
mail-out and

file an Affidavit confirming that it has done so.


The matter has been set down for an interlocutory hearing at 10.15am on
Thursday 27 September 2002.


"As soon as registrants started to receive the NetRegister mail out,
phone calls and emails to auDA began," auDA CEO, Chris Disspain said.


"auDA, the ACCC and industry participants have been inundated with
queries over the last 10 days from recipients of the mail out concerned
that they were about to lose their domain name. No previous domain name
communication has caused so much confusion or concern amongst the


After proceedings were filed with the Federal Court yesterday the
Respondents provided the undertakings sought by auDA. However, auDA is
seeking further relief and so, at present, the proceedings are still on


Internet Registry Pty Ltd and NetRegister have no connection whatsoever
with auDA accredited registrar NetRegistry Pty Ltd.




For media contact:



Chris Disspain

Chief Executive Officer

tel: 03 9349 4711

email: ceo&#167;



Chris Disspain

CEO - auDA

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