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From: bw <bw§>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 00:47:11 +1000
Can i have persmission to stop laughing now?

Bernard Weekes

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> Quoting bw on Saturday September 21, 2002:
> | No, I dont think the law (oops rule) should be in place,
> | if wording is a way to avoid it, they will...
> | why have such a rule in the first place?
> Because Australia runs on a principle (that was reaffirmed last year
> in public consultation) that domain names are given to those who
> demonstrate their name (business name etc.) is connected with the domain
> they are applying for, and there should be equitable access to such
> domains for those that are eligible. If the domain is registered to an
> entity on that basis, then it makes no sense for there to be a free
> transfer of domains after registration, or to encourage a second-hand
> resale/cybersquatting market.
> Why don't you read through the historical documents that led to the
> current policies? So far you don't seem to know anything about why
> things are how they are - which makes it hard to take any of your
> comments seriously (especially given the sheer number of emails you are
> pushing out of little substance).
> kim
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