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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 20:08:08 +1000 (EST)
ICANN extended--with more controls
The U.S. Commerce Department extends for one more year its
contract with the organization that governs the Internet's

Domain-Name Regulator Is Given a Year to Improve
The Commerce Department announced that it would give the
group that manages the Internet's address system another
year to demonstrate it is up to the task.,1367,55290,00.html,10801,74438,00.html.html

Commerce Department, ICANN Amend Internet Domain Name
System Management Agreement (news release)
The Commerce Department today announced that it is
extending for one year its Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU) with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN). The current MOU is set to expire on
September 30. The Department's agreement to extend the MOU
comes at the end of a thorough examination of ICANN's
performance of the transition responsibilities to date, as
well as of ICANN's ongoing reform efforts.

ICANN and US Commerce Department Extend Agreement Through
September 2003

Memorandum of Understanding Between the U.S. Department of
Commerce and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers 
Amendment 5
WHEREAS, the U.S. Government supports the policy of
privatizing the technical management of the Internet domain
name and addressing system (DNS) now performed by or on
behalf of the U.S. Government or by third parties under
arrangements or agreements with the U.S. Government; ...

Domain fraudsters in .eu con
Domain name registrar Internetters is warning people not be
fooled into pre-registering for .eu domain names.

Registries wanted for .eu domain
The European Commission is calling on potential registries
for the new .eu top level domain to send in their
applications before October 25.

The strangest domain-name squabble ever
Girl Scouts, domestic violence awareness, charges of racism
and censorship -- this Web site fight is a train wreck! 
For six years, California's Santa Clara County paid a
53-year-old webmaster named Douglas Dailey to post
government documents on his Web site, the Domestic Violence
Project of Santa Clara County. But in early September, says
Dailey, county officials told him, without giving an
explanation, that they would no longer fund his operation.
Then, on Sept. 13, Kristin Baker, an attorney for the
county, sent him a curt two-line e-mail message ordering
him to shut down the entire site.

June 2003 ICANN Meeting to Be Held in Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada has been selected at the site for the June
2003 meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers (ICANN). The meeting is scheduled for Sunday,
22 June, through Thursday 26 June, with an ICANN Public
Forum to be held on Wednesday, 25 June, and the ICANN Board
to meet on Thursday, 26 June. Further details of the
meeting will be announced as arrangements are finalized.

Domain name overload
Domain names--a hot topic for Australian enterprises trying
to brand themselves online. But do we really understand the
ownership issues behind the name?,2000024981,20268376,00.htm

Netherlands Domain Authority to de-restrict .nl
The Netherlands Foundation for Internet Domain Name
Registration has reported that the formerly restricted .nl
country code top level domain name will be opened to
applicants from all over the world.

auDA goes to Court over "deceptive" domain mailer
auDA, the Australian not for profit corporation which
operates the .au domain, has announced that it has taken
Court action in respect of a direct mail campaign which it
claims was misleading or deceptive to domain name

PNC Scores In Stadium Name Case - from
In a new decision released today, a WIPO Panel found in
favor of PNC Bank in its case against the registrant of PNC, which owns a 20-year lease on the stadium
name rights for the new Pittsburgh Pirates baseball
stadium, scored a home run with the Panel by demonstrating
that the registrant had been using the site to redirect
visitors to and internet gambling sites.
Although the Panel's opinion failed to fully explain the
registrant's bad faith, it was clear that the use of the
domain in connection with links to casino pop up ads and
ticket sales contributed to PNC's easy victory.

NY Yankees Step Up To Plate in Second Case Against Domain
Name - from
In 1999, Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees
filed one of the first lawsuits under the
Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act against the
domain name See Major League Baseball
et al. v. Brian McKiernan, 99-CV-8449 (E.D.N.Y. Feb. 23,
2001) and an article about the case from Wired. MLB
received a consent judgment permanently enjoining the
registrant from purchasing or using any domain names with
MLB marks.
The Yankees have now filed a new case under the UDRP with
WIPO against a different registrant of the same domain
name, this time against Atlanta-based ticket broker
Webhouse, Inc. The case is pending, but a decision is
expected soon. New York Yankees v. Webhouse, Inc., WIPO
Case D2002-0813.,1283,33435,00.html

VeriSign tidies records after ICANN rebuke
VeriSign Inc. said this week that it has corrected database
inaccuracies flagged by the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) earlier this month,
after the regulatory body threatened to strip the leading
U.S. registrar of its ability to sell ".com" domain names
unless it cleaned up its act.

Gain Fame Playing The Domain Name Game
As of June 2001, over 22.7 million ".com" top level domains
(or "TLDs") have been registered. In other words, the
Internet consists of close to 23,000,000 dot-coms,which,in
turn, are 76% of all TLDs. It means that you're more likely
to win the lottery than find a good domain name.
Due to their increasing scarcity, domain names that are
short, memorable and suggestive have become "hot"
commodities. As an example, domain names acquired at
exorbitant prices include:


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