Passing Off

Passing Off

From: Blinky Bill <bill78562000§>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 01:25:32 +0100 (BST)
I was interested to note recently during the
NetRegister 'incident' how outraged NetRegistry were
at the similarity of names. I do believe Chris
Disspain offered comments as to passing off. (sorry I
deleted the post).

Pehaps those up front people at NetRegistry can advise
us on why they registered the name
(I have made the assumption that Oz Domain Name and
Hosting Registration and Registry Services are one in
the same, again apologies if this info is wrong) 

The same question goes for A1 Registrar and 

I did note that auregistry was down for a while during
this period but is now infact active again. ozregistry
has yet to be pointed anywhere, bus is delegated to
the NetRegistry servers.

I would be interested to know why no action has been
taken by AusRegistry on this matter especially through
the auDRP. I know these domains were registered pre
auDRP however as the owners are auDA accredited
Registrars(please correct me if I am wrong) then I am
sure they would be willing to abide by any decision
under auDRP. Perhaps Not.

AusRegistry should at least make some attempts at
resolving this issue as I cannot believe that some
consumers do not arrive at auregistry or ozregistry by

By the way doing searches on google and yahoo didn't
turn up ausregistry although australiandomainregistry
did get lots of mentions. I was interested to find out
that (for the person who wanted to do multiple queries
on the whois) that there seem to be limited
restrictions on the Aunic whois . I would
assume auDA will fix this hole, although it appears
that they created it. Its amazing what a few searches
turn up.


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