Re: [DNS] Generic frenzy!

Re: [DNS] Generic frenzy!

From: Vicki Lee <curiousvics§>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 17:53:16 +1000 (EST)
ouch. is it just me? 
404 not found - Sorry, the page you're looking for could not be found. 
oh, i see the link has been rmvd anyway  -->"View the list of generic domain names ....  "
  Deus Ex Machina <vicc&#167;> wrote: Blinky Bill [bill78562000&#167;] wrote:
> Thanks Vic I shall be pre-registering my domains
> shortly.
> By the way, if you are running multiple scripts, then
> can we expect normal applications at Enetica to be in
> effect say at 11:05 after the generic frenzy is over.

soon as the generics go through normal applications will resume.


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