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Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 23:03:47 +1000 (EST)
ICANN and ccTLDs in technical dispute
The Council of European National Top-Level Domain
Registries (Centr) has issued fresh comments on ICANN's
Zone Access Policy. The policy seeks access for the
California-based not-for-profit corporation to domain name
configuration files contained on the systems of country
code operators. Centr's response indicates that the
36-strong association of country code domain name
administrators continues to resist ICANN's attempts to
obtain this data.

Generic name auction a blooming success
Web entrepreneur Alan Rogers is a happy man. His decision
to fork out $153,000 to snare the domain name in Australia's recent generic domain
auction has already paid off.

Cut-price rivals hit Melbourne IT
Domain name registration is becoming an increasingly tough
business, and the pressure may be starting to show for
Melbourne IT, which has been regarded as one of the safest
bets in the tech boom.

auDA publishes list of unallocated names
auDA has published the list of names that were not
allocated in the generic auction process.

Seoul to introduce regulations for Internet domain system  
The Ministry of Information and Communication said
yesterday it has finalized a set of regulations that will
control and manage the country's Internet address system, a
move that it hopes will block individuals and enterprises
from abusing online address assets.

Catalan nationalism hits the web
The Spanish region of Catalonia has made a declaration of
independence in cyberspace. The regional government in
Barcelona has changed the address of its website from .es
for Spain to .net.

Aust Internet Registry court case referred to mediation
The court case between Australian domain administrator auDA
and domain name seller Internet Registry over an allegedly
misleading mailout to domain name registrants has this
morning been referred to mediation.,2000024981,20268568,00.htm

First .uk reverse domain name hijacking decision
In a decision released today the UK domain name authority
Nominet has upheld a claim of reverse domain name hijacking
under its Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) - the UK
equivalent of the UDRP - for the first time.

Entrepreneur Fights Nissan on Name
What do a Japanese auto giant and an Israeli immigrant
computer entrepreneur have in common? A name, and a fight
over who should get to use it on the Internet. names new chairman, the second-largest supplier of Web addresses
in the United States, has named Mitchell Quain as chairman
of the board.

Consultation on ICANN Reform (Canadian comments)
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) is a not-for-profit private sector California
corporation that manages the technical co-ordination of the
Internet's naming and addressing system, including the
domain name system (DNS). The DNS consists of both country
code top level domains (ccTLDs) such as ".ca" for Canada,
and generic top level domains (gTLDs) which are
international in scope, such as ".com", ".net" and ".info".

Request For Comments
Dot CX Limited is currently soliciting comments from both
the Christmas Island and global Internet Communities on a
draft Dot CX - ICANN contract.

Nominet defends proposed changes to WHOIS
UK domain name authority Nominet has defended controversial
changes to its publicly available database of domain name

Interview with the Bob Parsons, president of domain
registrar Go Daddy
Go Daddy has quickly become one of the largest domain
registrars in the world. With a unique blend of offerings
at rock bottom prices, it has attracted many customers. Go
Daddy always seems to be defining new markets for domain
registrars and their Domains by Proxy idea looks to be
another step forward. Bob Parsons in the President of Go
Daddy and the driving force behind the success.

A Primer on Trademark Law and Internet Addresses (1997)
Quite a bit has been written in the recent past about
trademark[1] issues surrounding the registration and use of
Internet domain names. Since these articles have been
written, there have been a number of new and significant
cases decided, and new legislation has passed which affects
domain name disputes. This article examines these cases and
presents a more complete primer on trademark and dilution
law as it pertains to various aspects of Internet
addressing, including domain names.

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