Thanks MelbourneIT

Thanks MelbourneIT

From: Dave Hooper <dave§>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:09:09 +1000
A big thank-you to MelbourneIT for emailing all our reseller clients and
introducing yet more fear and uncertainty into the mind of the domain

With lines like "This is an official notice" and "to inform you that
Melbourne IT has terminated its Agreement" and "therefore DOMAIN
RESELLER will no longer be able to manage the maintenance and renewal of
your domain name" and "To ensure your domain name is secure and
protected" I have no doubt MelbourneIT have achieved their aim.

Good on you MelbourneIT for giving me something else to do for the next
week. As an owner operator of a small business I always have plenty of
extra time to devote to putting out little spot fires like this one.
Well done.

Dave Hooper.
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