Geographic Domain Name Proposal

Geographic Domain Name Proposal

From: James Pearce <james.pearce§>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:37:22 +1000
auDA's New Names Advisory Panel has recommended eight new second-level
domain names based on the state and territory names. I'm a bit surprised
nothings made it to the list yet. Below is a link to a story on the subject
(yes, I wrote it), and below that is the press release.,2000024981,20269087,

auDA Panel recommends new geographic 2LDs - state/

Melbourne, 15 October 2002 - auDA's New Names Advisory Panel has recommended
that auDA create eight new second level domains (2LDs) for Australian states
and territories -,,,,,,,

The Panel commends the proposal developed by the One City One Site (OCOS)
working party, which is aimed at reserving geographic names for use by the
relevant community.

The proposed domain structure is placename.state/ - for example, or

Use of the new domain names would be restricted to community website portals
that reflect community interests, such as local business, tourism,
historical information, special interest groups, and cultural events.

Public comments received to date have demonstrated strong support for the
proposal, including from the Online Council of Australian Government IT

The auDA Board has asked the Panel to undertake one more formal public
consultation before submitting its final recommendations. The Board is
concerned to ensure that the Australian Internet community has advance
notice of, and opportunity to comment on, what will amount to a significant
change to the Australian DNS.

The deadline for comments is Tuesday 5 November 2002.

More information is available at

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