Re: [DNS] Geographic Domain Name Proposal

Re: [DNS] Geographic Domain Name Proposal

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:33:43 +1000
At 16:36 +1000 15/10/02, TV Fugly Awards wrote:

>I think that the Geographic Domain Name's are fine as long as it is heavily
>restricted. I also think the and extensions are fine too.
>Other than that I am really against an further extensions which will dilute
>and lessen the strength of the .au namespace.

Well since expressing one's opinion in the wrong place and at the wrong
time seems to be in vogue, I reckon the .law and .med domains are a
complete joke.

I mean, I own a farm and I want my domain. If there was a
.law and a .med there would be no way on earth I would let up until I
had my domain.

Same for my consulting business. You'd hear my hollers for a
domain all the way to the high court.

Oh, that's right. "" is reserved for domain industry stakeholders.
Well, I want my "" domain then.

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