RE: [DNS] Melbourne IT Your "Trusted" Australian Registrar

RE: [DNS] Melbourne IT Your "Trusted" Australian Registrar

From: Bruce Tonkin <Bruce.Tonkin§>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:43:40 +1000
Hello Josh,

You seem to be selectively quoting out of context.  There is a list of
question and answers, and you have quoted from one, without giving the text
of the others.

> "I have received an official notice from Melbourne IT 
> advising me of the
> the termination of the reseller previously managing my 
>, what do
> I do now?"

Perhaps you should have reminded the registrant to read all the FAQ's
associated with the notice.  Their question is clearly answered.

For example:

"I have spoken to the reseller terminated by Melbourne IT, and they told me
to ignore the notice, and they will manage my domain name? 

There is no need to respond to Melbourne IT's notice. You may continue to
ask your terminated reseller as your agent to provide management of your
domain name via the website:, but you
will need to provide them with your current domain name password. Melbourne
IT, as an auDA accredited registrar, will advise you when your domain is due
for renewal, and you may decide to ask the terminated reseller to perform
the renewal for you. The terminated reseller will need to use or become an
auDA accredited registrar or an authorised reseller of an auDA accredited
registrar to perform a renewal for you.
Be wary of offers to renew your domain name more than 90 days prior to the
expiry date. Melbourne IT will advise when your name is due for renewal, and
you may decide then which supplier to use to process your renewal. "

At no stage have we said that the company mentioned in the letter cannot
renew the name.

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