RE: [DNS] Melbourne IT Your "Trusted" Australian Registrar

RE: [DNS] Melbourne IT Your "Trusted" Australian Registrar

From: Lewis Cody <lew§>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 20:50:09 +0800
Dave, I too was appalled that Melb IT did what they did. spewing in fact...
I  simply wrote an email stating I had "terminated with them" as I was
wanting to get a better deal for my clients (Melb IT rate had dropped 10
cents when competition came in). I demanded they  re word their email
appropriately. I CC'd AUDA and BCC'd my clients - all bases covered.
About 5 days later Melb IT contacted my clients with a reworded email.
The next day AUDA replied saying they had instructed Melb IT to make amends
ie as above.
about 2 hrs later Melb IT emailed to say they had.

The best thing about the whole episode is although my clients were initially
confused - they saw me react with my explanation and action to both Melb IT
& AUDA which was then followed by Melb IT's reworded email. The end result
is I have increased my credibility with my clients as having looked after
them when Melb IT failed to - with regard to pricing.....

-Lew Cody (also ex Melb IT now with Enetica - waiting for more of my clients
to approach their renewal dates so as to transfer them from Melb IT)

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> Perhaps you should have reminded the registrant to read all the FAQ's
> associated with the notice.  Their question is clearly answered.

Perhaps MelbourneIT should not have sent out such a misleading deceptive
email in the first place. I am still dealing with client confusion
regarding the mailout 2 weeks after it was originally sent.

You know as well as I do Bruce that people don't read all the
information, they just see a (deliberately) confusing pile of
information and then jump on the phone or email to their reseller to
find out what's going on.

I for one am still extremely annoyed at the original email sent to my
clients, and have been surprised that you have emailed Josh's clients
with a follow up email which makes things clearer, but the same email
was not sent to my clients. Why would this be? Does one have to shout
long and loud to get some action? Will I be forced to contact auDA to
have my clients afforded the same courtesy?

Dave Hooper - (ex MelbourneIT reseller, now blissfully happy with

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