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Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 23:22:06 +1000 (EST)
Internet Attack Probed, Seen Hard to Trace 
The Bush administration said on Wednesday it was
investigating this week's coordinated attack on the
Internet, but experts cautioned that it would be difficult,
if not impossible, to track down the source of the attack.

Net attack sparks FBI inquiry 
The FBI is investigating a failed attempt to cripple the
internet by attacking its central address books.,7204,5349672%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html,1367,55960,00.html,4057,5343756%255E15306,00.html 

Net attack flops, but threat persists
The recent attempt to shut down the Internet's DNS root
servers was unsophisticated, but smarter attacks could have
more serious consequences.,,t269-s2124403,00.html

Panel Says "Camper" Is Famous, Orders Transfer of
In a decision published on the Internet October 23, 2002,
NAF Panelist Sandra Franklin declared that the trademark
"Camper" was famous and ordered the transfer of the domain
name to the Complainant.

We all know dot-com. That's the bubble that burst. But what
about dot-aero, dot-coop and dot-pro ?

Votes or Voices? ICANN's Fatal Bargain
David Johnson and Susan P. Crawford have written an article
asserting that the real victim of the vote-oriented
bargaining going on right now (in connection with the
structure of the future Names Council) may be ICANN's own
legitimacy. Seat counting and special deals for
artificially-defined constituencies may undermine ICANN's
ability to demand deference from governments. And even a
widely-accepted compromise on the structure of the Names
Council, crafted late at night in Shanghai, will not solve
the problem of establishing ICANN's legitimacy in the eyes
of those who have not signed up to be bound by rules made
by the Board.

Second Supplemental Implementation Report
On 2 October 2002, the Evolution and Reform Committee
released its Final Implementation Report and
Recommendations, which included draft New Bylaws for ICANN.
On 11 October 2002, we released a First Supplemental
Implementation Report, announcing that we intended to
augment the New Bylaws with more detailed provisions
relating to the At-Large Advisory Committee, adjusting the
recommended language to Core Value 11, and providing
clarification on the terms of directors.

ICANN&#167;Large @ Shanghai
In preparation for the ICANN Shanghai meeting, ICANN&#167;Large
have revamped their web site and will be providing
resources to go with the meeting. See:

Global Grp Wants Voice In Internet Addressing
Even advocates of private-sector management of key Internet
resources describe the experience to date as disappointing,
while some term it an outright failure. But as the body
known as Icann tries to debug its oversight of the Internet
addressing system, an actor with global government ties is
stepping into the fray.

FTC forces spammer to refund domain fees
The United States' Federal Trade Commission has forced a
British entrepreneur who sold domain names that did not
work to repay his proceeds to his victims.

AT&T lose domain battle
Telecommunications giant AT&T has lost a domain name
dispute complaint which it brought before the World
Intellectual Property Organization. This disappointment for
the company follows a successfully defended action against
rival telecoms giant NTT DoCoMo last July.

Domain name scams hit the NHS
Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital Trust has become the latest
target of domain name resellers using high-pressure sales
tactics to dupe organisations into buying extra online
addresses at premium prices.

ASA slams 'intimidating' Domain Registry of Europe
The advertising watchdog has ordered the Domain Registry of
Europe (DROE) to stop issuing mail shots that "look like

Internationalized Domain Names: The Babelization Factor
Two-thirds of the online population are non-English
speakers. This global affair is also fueling the growing
list of Internationalized Domain Name Certified Registrars
that offer domain names in many other non-English
characters with .com, .net, and .org. On the other hand,
Internet browsers and email clients supporting the use of
IDNs are a whole different story.

The Internet And Its Governance: Where Should We Look For
If the U.S. Department of Commerce is indeed trying to
design an appropriate institutional form for the management
of the Internet's infrastructure, it will need to examine
the nature of the Internet and its development. What are
the lessons that can help in the process of creating an
appropriate management structure for Internet's

Washington Lottery Hits Jackpot in UDRP (from
The Washington State Lottery became the fifth state lottery
to succeed under the UDRP when it received a strong
decision against the registrant of and

Developing Disputes - The Jonathan Cohen Interview - part 3
In the third and final part of Demys news' interview with
ICANN director Jonathan Cohen, Mr Cohen discusses the UDRP
and why he thinks the procedure should be expanded to
include a wider range of disputes.

ICANN Intrigues - The Jonathan Cohen Interview - part 2
In the second of our three part interview with ICANN
Director Jonathan Cohen, Mr Cohen deals with issues of
trust between ICANN and the country code operators. He also
reveals the guarantees sought from China regarding freedom
of delegates at the forthcoming ICANN meeting in Shanghai
and comments on the thorny problem of At Large

Inside ICANN - The Jonathan Cohen Interview - part 1
In the first of this three part interview with Jonathan
Cohen, Director of ICANN and leading IP lawyer, Mr Cohen
reveals what it's like to be a board member of the
not-for-profit organisation that co-ordinates policy for
the Internet domain name and addressing system.

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