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For the latest domain news, including from the ICANN
meeting in Shanghai, see

Fourth Status Report: RIRs Propose Blueprint
On 9 October 2002, the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)
submitted their proposed "Blueprint for Evolution and
Reform of Internet Address Management" (available in both
HTML and PDF formats).

ICANN 2002 Annual Meeting in Amsterdam 
ICANN's 2002 annual meeting will be held on Saturday and
Sunday, 14 and 15 December 2002, at the Sheraton Amsterdam
Airport Hotel & Conference Center at Schiphol (Amsterdam)
Airport, the Netherlands.

Court Rules for Sony in Domain Name Case  
The civil affairs department of the Seoul District
Prosecutor’s Office declared in favor of Sony, Thursday,
which had been sued by a Lee after he refused to accept a
decision made by the Legal and Organization Affair's
Arbitration and Mediation Center of the World Intellectual
Property Organization to transfer his domain, which
includes the name ‘Sony’ to the company.

Cyber-squatting Outlawed (Korea) 
In the future, disturbing the Internet business of a
specific company or prior occupation of Internet domains
for the purpose of money will be prohibited. 
In order to block the various disputes such as domain
ownership disputes, following the sudden rise in Internet
users, the Ministry of Information and Communication
announced that they will formulate an "Internet Domain
Resources Management Bill" and legislate it.

Domain companies look offshore
WHILE Melbourne IT is facing revenue erosion and rising
costs in Australia's deregulated domain name industry,
relative newcomer AusRegistry is talking up aggressive
international expansion plans.,7204,5357066%5E15342%5E%5Enbv%5E15306-15319,00.html

Melbourne IT signs deal with three international ISPs
Melbourne IT says it would provide domain name
registrations and related services to subscribers of three
international Internet Service Providers.

Trade NZ faces off against MED report on domain names
Trade New Zealand is pressing on with legal action against
the current domain name holder of, despite a
position paper written for the Ministry of Economic
Development that suggests it shouldn't.

Court Rules Against Domain Name Hunter
Procuring an Internet domain name that can easily be
associated with a well-known company, only to sell it at a
profit later, constitutes a trademark infringement, a local
judge ruled yesterday.

Domainz advises against latest domain name company
A new company has popped up targeting name holders who
don't have a registered domain.

Registry rapped over domain name mailing
The Domain Name Registry of Europe has been told to stop a
direct mailing because of fears that it could cause

New Domain Name Dispute Policy for Australian Open Second
Level Domain Name (reg req'd)
On 1 August 2002, a new mandatory administrative dispute
resolution policy and procedure came into effect for open
second level Australia country code domain names, ie., and, and (".au Domain

Vegas airports gobble up new .aero domains
Las Vegas-area airports have staked out eight of the first
1,745 addresses in a new 'dot-aero' domain that opened
earlier this year to aviation and aerospace-related
interests worldwide.

They'll be registering .org names in Horsham
On Jan. 1, some traffic in the virtual world will be
directed to a local way station: Horsham. On that day,
Afilias Ltd., an Irish company whose U.S. offices are in
Horsham, will begin to maintain the Internet registry of
domain names that end in .org.

VeriSign Posts Narrower 3rd-Quarter Net Loss
VeriSign Inc., a provider of Internet domain names, telecom
and e-commerce security services, on Thursday posted a
narrower third-quarter net loss, but warned of big charges
for amortization of goodwill and investment losses.

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