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domain name news

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New proposals on ICANN
Internet naming authority ICANN, which earlier this week
kicked out one of its own board members, has now come under
attack from another direction.

Some Say ICANN Loses Legitimacy 
The board of directors at the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) certainly created a
contentious air at its semi-annual meeting, deciding to
phase out five of its publicly-elected director spots

Domain names mull Web challenge 
Frustrated by their lack of clout, international Internet
administrators are weighing whether to mount a challenge to
the controversial body that oversees the Internet's traffic

ICANN critic won't be silenced
Karl Auerbach joined the Internet's key oversight body as a
voice of the online public, pledging to transform an
organization he considers beholden to vested commercial

ICANN critics consider taking admin work in-house 
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), the non-profit group that runs the Internet's
Domain Name System, is facing a challenge from a group of
dissatisfied top-level domain (TLD) holders who feel ICANN
holds too much sway.,4814,75485,00.html

Update to the Evolution and Reform Committee - ccNSO
Assistance Group
Since formed, the ccNSO Assistance Group has been
discussing the issues surrounding the implementation of the
ccNSO, and possible recommendations to the Evolution and
Reform Committee (ERC). On 4 October the Assistance Group
provided the ERC with its Status Report on the progress of
its work-plan, which is to come up with recommendations on
5 category areas identified out of the Blueprint. These
are: scope of the ccNSO as a global policy-development
body; process of policy development in the ccNSO; ccNSO
membership; structure of the ccNSO; ccNSO Council.

ICANN Shanghai Meetings - Aggregated News from the Blogs

Proposed ICANN-PIR .org Registry Agreement Posted 
On 14 October 2002, the ICANN Board authorized the ICANN
President and General Counsel to negotiate a registry
agreement with Public Interest Registry consistent with the
model .org Registry Agreement posted as part of the final
Request for Proposals, supplemented as appropriate
according to the proposal submitted by the Internet

Questions Concerning  Domain Names In .org Registry
According to Appendix X of the ICANN-PIR Registry Agreement
published October 22, 2002, PIR may register and retain a
number of .org domain names in conjunction with its
management of .org. The only problem is that many of the
domain names on the list are already registered by other

ICANN Meetings in Shanghai 
ICANN's next round of meetings will be held 28-31 October
2002, in Shanghai, China. The meetings are free to attend,
and open to any interested person. ICANN encourages broad
participation in its bottom-up consensus-development
process. You can take part in these meetings by attending
in person, by taking part in the webcast and remote
participation opportunities, and/or by joining one of the
various ICANN-related mailing lists.

ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee Cominique
Communique of the XIV meeting of the Governmental Advisory
Committee of ICANN

ICANN Targets DDoS Attacks
In the wake of last week's unprecedented DDoS attack
against all 13 of the Internet's root-name servers, the
government and ICANN, one of the Internet's main governing
bodies, are considering changes to help protect the DNS
system against future attacks.,3959,651686,00.asp

The root of all names
After the near disaster, come the experts. This is more or
less a truism in today's world, more so in the wake of
recent events that have given snake oil salesmen virtually
a field day in converting innuendo and half-truths into

European Commission sets timetable for .eu domain
The European Commission hopes to choose a nonprofit
organization to run the .eu top-level domain for the
European Union by early December, an official said on

WIPO To Provide Dispute Resolution Services For .edu Domain
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and
EDUCAUSE, the administrator of the .edu top level generic
domain, have signed an agreement which makes WIPO the sole
dispute-resolution service provider for the .edu domain.
The .edu domain is restricted to regionally-accredited,
American degree-granting institutions of higher education -
and is one of the original generic top level domains
(gTLDs), along with .com, .org, and .net.

Domain authority to change hands 
A new agency will take over the administration and
registration of Thai Internet domains, the ``.th''
addresses used for Thailand.

Regional Internet registry formed for Latin America
Latin America and the Caribbean took over responsibility
for managing their own Internet addresses Wednesday, with
the formal establishment of a regional Internet registry.

Don't fall foul of domain name scams
Businesses are being warned to be on the lookout for
companies using high-pressure sales tactics to dupe them
into buying extra domain names at premium-rate prices.

Commissioner wades in over DomainNamesNZ
New Zealand's Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monahan has
released a statement warning users about the "misleading"
nature of Australian registrar DomainNamesNZ's fax

DomainNamesNZ doesn't understand fuss
The general manager of DomainNamesNZ doesn't understand the
fuss over its fax campaign targeting name holders.

Domain authority to change hands 
A new agency will take over the administration and
registration of Thai Internet domains, the ``.th''
addresses used for Thailand.

China opens up .cn domain
The .cn domain will be available to businesses outside
China for the first time this winter, as part of a liberal
new policy.,,t278-s2124742,00.html

China Drops Plans to Issue Its Own Chinese Domain Names
(sub req'd)
Two years after threatening to split the online world by
issuing its own set of Chinese-script Web addresses, China
appears to have quietly dropped such plans. Chinese
officials at a world Internet congress in Shanghai this
week say the government has no plans to disrupt the
integrity of the Web by challenging a core component -- its
centrally administered addressing system.,,SB1035955864117983671,00.html

Panel Finds Reverse Domain Name Hijacking in
Case Oct. 27, 2002
National Arbitration Forum Panelist Tyrus R. Atkinson
issued an important decision on reverse domain name
hijacking in a case involving the domain name

VeriSign tidies records after ICANN rebuke 
VeriSign said that it has corrected database inaccuracies
flagged by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN) earlier this month, after the regulatory
body threatened to strip domain name registrar of its
ability to sell .com domain names unless it cleaned up its


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