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domain name news

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Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 23:34:02 +1100 (EST)
Net body changes leadership rules
The group that co-ordinates the internet has approved
controversial changes to the way it chooses its leadership.,1283,56122,00.html,7204,5402274%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html,aid,106541,00.asp

Three new top level domains?
While no official announcements have yet been made, it has
been reported that President and CEO of ICANN Stuart Lynn
has hinted that ICANN may be a step closer to the
introduction of the next three generic top level domains

Country domain rebellion - storm in teacup?
While the newswires have been buzzing with stories from
Shanghai reporting a potential challenge to ICANN's
position by a consortium of ccTLD operators, Demys' latest
information indicates that the supposed threat is merely a
storm in a teacup.

ICANN Meeting in Shanghai - Preliminary Report
The ICANN Board of Directors held a regular meeting on 31
October 2002 meeting in Shanghai, China, with Directors
Vint Cerf (chairman), Amadeu Abril i Abril, Karl
Auerbach,Robert Blokzijl, Ivan Moura Campos (by telephone),
Lyman Chapin, Jonathan Cohen, Frank Fitzsimmons, Masanobu
Katoh, Hans Kraaijenbrink, Sang-Hyon Kyong, Stuart Lynn,
Andy Mueller-Maguhn, Jun Murai, Alejandro Pisanty, Nii
Quaynor, Helmut Schink, and Linda S. Wilson participating.
The Board adopted the following resolutions:

China Beefs Up Biz With Dot-Cn 
China lets overseas websites use its dot-cn suffix,
starting in December. It's part of a plan by communist
authorities to show they're open for business.,1283,56124,00.html

The Final Insult: A Lost Domain  
They lost their jobs, their careers, even their apartments
in the Internet bust. But the final insult for many Web
workers is learning that somewhere in the churn of e-mail
addresses and phone numbers from the dot-com bust, they've
lost their personal domains as well.,1284,56156,00.html

"Letter misleading" warns Domain Name Commissioner 
The Domain Name Commissioner today warned registrants of
'' domain names, of a misleading letter currently
circulating from 'DomainNamesNZ'.

The root of all names
After the near disaster, come the experts. This is more or
less a truism in today's world, more so in the wake of
recent events that have given snake oil salesmen virtually
a field day in converting innuendo and half-truths into

ICANN Meetings in Shanghai 
ICANN's next round of meetings will be held 28-31 October
2002, in Shanghai, China. The meetings are free to attend,
and open to any interested person. ICANN encourages broad
participation in its bottom-up consensus-development
process. You can take part in these meetings by attending
in person, by taking part in the webcast and remote
participation opportunities, and/or by joining one of the
various ICANN-related mailing lists.

ICANN's contrarian gets the boot
Karl Auerbach joined the Internet's key oversight body as a
voice of the online public, pledging to transform an
organization he considers beholden to vested commercial
interests. Auerbach got his change all right.

ICANN critics may create rival Internet administration
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), the nonprofit group that runs the Internet's
Domain Name System, might be challenged next year for some
of its administrative power by a group of dissatisfied
top-level domain (TLD) holders who feel ICANN holds too
much sway.,4814,75485,00.html

ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee Cominique
Communique of the XIV meeting of the Governmental Advisory
Committee of ICANN - Shanghai, China. 29 October 2002

Some Say ICANN Loses Legitimacy 
The board of directors at the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) certainly created a
contentious air at its semi-annual meeting, deciding to
phase out five of its publicly-elected director spots

European Commission sets timetable for .eu domain
The European Commission hopes to choose a nonprofit
organization to run the .eu top-level domain for the
European Union by early December, an official said on

Who will run the .eu domain names? 
The European Commission hopes to choose a non-profit
organisation to run the .eu top-level domain (TLD) for the
European Union by early December, an official said today.

Latin American Internet address administrator formally
Latin America and the Caribbean took over responsibility
for managing their own Internet addresses Wednesday, with
the formal establishment of a regional Internet registry.

ICANN Shanghai Meetings - Aggregated News from the Blogs

WIPO To Provide Dispute Resolution Services For .edu Domain
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and
EDUCAUSE, the administrator of the .edu top level generic
domain, have signed an agreement which makes WIPO the sole
dispute-resolution service provider for the .edu domain.
The .edu domain is restricted to regionally-accredited,
American degree-granting institutions of higher education -
and is one of the original generic top level domains
(gTLDs), along with .com, .org, and .net.

WIPO Workshop on Domain Name Dispute Resolution
November 14-15, 2002, Geneva, Switzerland

Domain authority to change hands 
A new agency will take over the administration and
registration of Thai Internet domains, the ``.th''
addresses used for Thailand.

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