ISC and APNIC to operate new root name servers

ISC and APNIC to operate new root name servers

From: Stephen Loosley <stephen§>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 03:13:21 +1100
Hi all .

An ISC Press Release
November 17th, 2002

ISC (Internet Software Consortium) and APNIC (Asia Pacific Network
Information Centre) announce an agreement to dramatically improve the
strength and integrity of the Internet infrastructure worldwide.

ISC and APNIC will jointly pursue the operation of new root name servers
in the APNIC region, using mirror copies of the existing F-root operated by
ISC.   This agreement will strengthen the Domain Name System (DNS) by
deploying additional resources to handle growing Internet traffic and also to
disperse malicious traffic directed at root servers.

Paul Wilson, Director General, APNIC, commented, "Internet security is on
everyone's minds these days, and the DNS infrastructure has been shown
recently to be a real target. 

APNIC has often been urged to support operational security efforts, and this
is one way we can really help. As this project develops, we have the prospect
of providing root services throughout the region, with substantially improved
reachability and response times. 

That will be of noticeable benefit to Asia Pacific ISPs and end-users alike." 

The new servers will be placed in locations to reach the largest possible Internet
user base, including diverse IP transit providers, and carrier-neutral Internet
exchanges. Every effort will be made to see root DNS queries answered locally
for as many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as possible ... 


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