Nothing like making it hard

Nothing like making it hard

From: Saints Support <support§>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 12:49:09 +1100
I mean I know we all complained about the security of the .au DB and yes
I had my fair share of moans.

But when it comes down to it. Using a Shared Proxy server like telstra's
IP Address '' has been blacklisted. This will be reset in
1 hour. 

And getting to make like 2 querries on the whois for my own domains is
just stupid. 

I have to go through and configure my office exuipment not to use that
proxy or to wait the one hour and try again.

I mean why when other places that have usage limits actully trace down
and get the requesters IP address through the proxy why is it that
ausregistry can't???

I never had this problem on it complain sure but that was
after me getting quiet a few request's in.

In this case I did not even make it worth while opening up the website.

Oh well my whine for today...

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