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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 22:29:13 +1100 (EST)
APNIC to provide redundancy for DNS
The Internet Software Consortium and the Asia Pacific
Network Information Centre have agreed to pursue the
operation of new root servers in the APNIC region, using
mirror copies of the existing F-root operated by ISC.

Domain name 'profits' may attract tax
The amount of money available to Australian Internet
projects from a new foundation will depend partly on an
Australian Taxation Office ruling on the tax status of the
peak Internet names body auDA.

ICANN Needs Another Long Trip - Commentary
After its latest junket in a far-away place -- during which
it canceled future elections for at-large members of its
board -- it's clear that the time is right for the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to go away.,1283,56398,00.html

Root Server System Advisory Committee Establishes E-Mail
Address for Comments
The ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) is
responsible for advising the Board about the operation of
the root nameservers of the domain-name system. Its
membership includes the operators of the authoritative root
The RSSAC has established an e-mail address
<rssac-comments&#167;> to provide a well-known
mechanism for submission of comments to the committee.

Congress Creates Kids' Internet Area
Congress approved legislation Friday to create a safe haven
on the Internet for children, where parents can be assured
Web sites are free of pornography and other material not
suitable for youngsters.,1283,56429,00.html

Government calls truce on .za
Communications minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri will next
week introduce to the public an unexpected panel of
kingmakers that will determine who will control the future
of SA's .za domain name suffix.

State [South Africa] threatens legal action on domain name
THE communications department is threatening to take legal
action against the owner of an internet company in a bid to
win control of a disputed domain name. 
The hardline stance could see legal papers served on Wayne
Diamond, although Diamond had already said he would happily
hand over the domain if government "just asks nicely".,3523,1227248-6079-0,00.html

Nominet names and shames DRS
Nominet has named and shamed one of its members for using
the domain registry organisation as part of its
controversial selling tactics.

Mobile retailers in domain name duel
A legal scrap has begun between two UK mobile phone
retailers over the ownership of a domain name 
Mobile phone retail heavyweights Carphone Warehouse and
Phones 4U are involved in a spat over the ownership of a
domain name.,,t269-s2126102,00.html

New Fraudit Registrant Data Audit Service Now Available
Alice's Registry, Inc., a leading supplier of domain name
technology, today announced the immediate availability of
Fraudit(tm), the first complete domain name registrant data
validation service.

Domain Name Wins Court Appeal
On 7th November 2002 a fresh decision was issued by the US
Court of Appeals concerning the Anti-cybersquatting
Consumer Protection Act or ACPA.
Regular readers of Demys News will recall that under this
Act it is possible for a US trademark holder to bring an
action not against a domain name registrant but against the
domain name itself. This means the registrant is
effectively brought into a US court even if he is domiciled
in another country. Demys last reported on this 'shepherd's
crook' effect of US jurisdiction in I'll see your domain
name in court!

New .info domain name proves popular
Fourteen months after .info Top Level Domain (TLD) names
became available on the Internet, the millionth .info Web
site was signed up last week, making it now the sixth
largest domain online.

White Paper on Domain Names Management
The purpose of this document written by Loc Damilaville
(DNS News Pro is to summarize in the
most accessible way the essentials of Domain Names
Management. It will enable non-specialists to be aware of
which broad aspects to take into account when tackling this
dossier, whether in charge of a company or having
responsibility in another capacity for Domain Name
Management in their firm.
The White Paper has been compiled in two different ways.
This version answers to the needs of large companies, which
often own hundreds of names, registered under dozens of
extensions. The other one answers to the needs of small and
medium-sized businesses which own only ten or fewer domain

UIA left out of decision on .UA domain administrator
The Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA) has expressed
bewilderment after receiving information on Ukrainian
Network Information Centre (UNIC) becoming the new .UA
domain administrator.
Hong Kong: PRC Domain Name Dispute Resolution 
The Regulations came into force on 30 Sept 2002 and
regulates the administration and operation of China
Internet Domain Names System of .cn and Chinese domain
names. Under the Regulations, the domain name registry
refers to the administration institution that is
responsible for operating and administering the
registration of one or more top-level domain names, while a
registrar is a service institution that accepts
applications for domain name registration and completes the
registration process in the domain name database (Article

Beginner Tip: Get The Most From Your Domain Name 
You've probably heard that "all the good domain names are
taken", but that's just not the case. However, domain names
are getting longer and harder to read at a glance. Make
your site's URL easy for visitors to read and remember by
emphasizing it online and in your printed literature.


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