RE: [DNS] Registration statistics for .au ?

RE: [DNS] Registration statistics for .au ?

From: Adrian Kinderis <adriank§>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 09:18:14 +1100

AusRegistry makes stats available to auDA and Accredited Registrars on a
monthly basis. These statistics are very similar to those found in the
State of the Domain but are more authoritive (they come directly from
the registry). As of December 7th, when the November figures are
published, we will be making general statistics regarding the .au
namespace available to the public. These will be slightly different to
those supplied to auDA and the Registrars as they will not show detail
regarding each specific Registrar. However, what they will show are
volumes of each second level domain (registrations, renewals, and
expirations) and the total figures overall.

We will provide information for downloading the report on this list as
we approach the date. At this stage it will probably be made available
on both the AusRegistry and auDA websites.


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Does anyone know if statistics for .au are available anywhere?

I was looking for something similar to for Australia...


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