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international domain news

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Domain space authority due by February
A new regulator for the .za domain space is expected to be
active by February, but the panel tasked with selecting its
board says much depends on the quality of the nominations
it receives.

Update on Domain Names In Brazil (reg req'd)
Foreign companies can register ".br" domain names in Brazil
either directly in their own names or indirectly through a
Brazilian subsidiary, licensee, or distributor.

Lack of support for ''
The proposal to create a new second level internet domain,
'', failed at the second stage of the public
consultation process yesterday.,2106,2114830a1896,00.html

Confusing Similarity Under ICANN's Uniform Dispute
Resolution Policy
ICANN's UDRP has allowed a fast and efficient system of
domain name dispute resolution, the most common ground for
complaint and transfer being that the domain name in
question is confusingly similar to a registered or common
law trademark of the Complainant. Unfortunately, UDRP
Panellists have not been sufficiently rigorous in their
consideration of confusing similarity and the
non-distinctiveness of domain names to justify many such
conclusions. Furthermore, in seeking to avoid
trans-jurisdictional conflicts of law, their application of
confusingly similarity may be conveniently general, but it
results in outcomes which would be unacceptable to many
common law jurisdictions.

From Quicklinks
Alternative Dispute Resolution report (Shidler Center) 
The ABA Task Force for E-commerce and Alternative Dispute
Resolution, in cooperation with the Shidler Center, has
released its final report and a set of recommended best
practices for ODR Service Providers.

Response to Jonathan Cohen in Wired: ICANN Needs Another
Long Trip - comment
I would like to respond to Jonathan Cohen's totally
irresponsible tirade about the failure of ICANN and the
resulting ICANN-bashing in Wired's Rants & Raves. There are
a number of factual errors in his world viewpoint.

APNIC to provide redundancy for DNS
The Internet Software Consortium and the Asia Pacific
Network Information Centre have agreed to pursue the
operation of new root servers in the APNIC region, using
mirror copies of the existing F-root operated by ISC.,2000024981,20270042,00.htm

OzEmail glitch highlights domain name issues
An incident that left Anzwers, a popular Asia-Pacific
search engine, inaccessible to a large number of Internet
users for days, is serving as a wake-up call to domain
owners to be more vigilant about new domain name renewal

Special Meeting of the Board
The ICANN Board of Directors held a meeting by
teleconference on 18 November 2002. Directors Vint Cerf
(chairman), Amadeu Abril i Abril (joined the meeting while
in progress), Karl Auerbach, Ivan Moura Campos (joined the
meeting while in progress), Lyman Chapin, Jonathan Cohen,
Masanobu Katoh, Hans Kraaijenbrink, Sang-Hyon Kyong, Stuart
Lynn, Andy Mueller-Maguhn, Jun Murai, Alejandro Pisanty
(joined the meeting while in progress), Nii Quaynor (joined
the meeting while in progress), Helmut Schink, and Linda S.
Wilson participated. The Board adopted the following

Status Report on CEO Search Process and Call for Suggested
A search committee has been formed to assist ICANN in its
search for a CEO to replace Stuart Lynn, who has announced
his plan to return to retirement in the first quarter of

TH domain to get boost 
A new agency is being formed to oversee Internet
registrations under Thailand's top-level country domain
name ``.th'' and it is hoped that a new approach will
encourage more organisations to register here.

InternetNZ draws firmer management lines
InternetNZ has clarified the role of its executive director
and its council, as the executive director position comes
up for grabs.!opendocument

Bankers ponder next move
The chief executive of the New Zealand Bankers Association
says it is too early to say whether the association will
try for a third time to get its own second level domain
name approved.!opendocument

Government gets
The government's Department of Communications has taken
control of the domain after threatening the
owner with legal action. 

Supermarket Loses Protest Site Challenge
UK supermarket chain Asda has lost a challenge under the
UDRP against the registrant of after a
panellist ruled Internet users would not be confused by the

Baron Philippe De Rothschild Wins Corking Domain Case
Bordeaux-based fine wine producer Baron Philippe de
Rothschild has won an action under the UDRP after the
panellist ruled the respondent's demands for cases of wine
in payment for the transfer of the domains amounted to a
registration in bad faith.

VeriSign unveils VIP program for domain holders
Leading U.S. Domain name registrar VeriSign has begun
offering a special account-management service for customers
with multiple domain names, allowing them to make changes,
transfers and renewals through a secure log-in process.

New .info domain name proves popular
Fourteen months after .info Top Level Domain (TLD) names
became available on the internet, the millionth .info
website was signed up last week, making it now the sixth
largest domain online.

First .md Dispute Filed - from
While the World Health Organization lines up support for a
.health TLD (there are plenty of .org domain names
available), the first .md dispute has been filed under the
UDRP. Philips Electronics v. Imad Al Badri, WIPO Case
DMD2002-0001 (

Preventing Future Attacks: Alternatives In DNS Security
Management - Part II
The most recent DDoS attacks have revealed a great deal
about the vulnerabilities of DNS, and although experts
assert that the next hackers attempting an attack will use
this information for their advantage, it is also necessary
to utilize such revelations for improving DNS security.
Armed with such knowledge and increased public pressure,
the stimulus to incorporate best practices in DNS
management should be a number one priority on everyone's
security agendas. The warning signs are everywhere.

Is Whois Data Accuracy Enough?
The term Accuracy is difficult to define when talking about
global addressing. For instance, is it ok to list your cell
phone from one country and your postal address from another
when registering a domain name? How about determining the
accuracy of a phone number given the fact that many
countries define their numbers in varying lengths?
Additionally, many registrars still feel that the main
issues that encourage inaccuracies in the registration
process are registrants' attempts to deter their data from
being harvested and used by unscrupulous marketing

DDoS Attack: What The Media Did Not Tell You
On Monday, October 21, a "distributed denial of service"
(DDOS) attack struck 9 out of the 13 root servers operated
by a number of contractors on behalf of the United States
Department of Commerce (USG). The next day, the Washington
Post reported, "The heart of the Internet sustained its
largest and most sophisticated attack ever."

Role Of The Government In The Internet Infrastructure
Infrastructure is something that forms a foundation to
build on. It is that which the rest of the structure is
built upon. There is a need for appropriate government
institutions or structures because of the long term view
that is required to build and adequately maintain an
infrastructure. The development of the Internet shows a
similar interrelationship between government and
infrastructure. The creation and development of the
Internet demonstrates the splendid achievements possible
when there is a government research institution led by
leading computer scientists to provide both a vision and
the needed support for future-oriented research.
A visionary pays a visit
Hanging out with Vinton Cerf is like spending the day at an
amusement park. The man may be called the Father of the
Internet - in the early 1970s, along with his partner
Robert Kahn, he developed TCP-IP, the method computers use
to talk to each other on the Internet - but he is no slower
now than he was then.


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