update on my original domain query and a couple of questions

update on my original domain query and a couple of questions

From: John Thomson <john§hep10.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:35:50 +1000
Hi All

Thanks for the feedback it is definitely a hard call and may well come down to common law to resolve it. My client is going to persue them through the court system I think. They initially registered the domain using a business name I don't believe they have ever traded as. 

So they registered a business name to get the domain and have been using it for some time. Many people do this it is just that it is basically my clients full business name and in common law amounts to passing off as them except that my clients haven't commenced trading as that entity yet. How this affects their case will be up to lawyers. 

As I read the domain policy as it stands they seem to be within their rights as Mark pointed out to own the domain but how their current business owns and uses it seems a very grey area when it is in fact somebody elses business name.

Quick Questions.
Is there any way to find out when a domain name was first registered? Aunic used to mention this but current whois queries on ausregistry don't reveal this information.

Anyone know a lawyer that breathes fire and has some understanding of domain related issues? Qld based would be preferable.

Many Thanks

John Thomson
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