international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 23:41:28 +1100 (EST)
Aust Internet registrations buck dot com trend
Business and individuals are increasingly registering or
renewing dot-au domain names, in stark contrast to the
decline in use of the more mature dot-com domain, the
Australian domain name registry claims.,2000024981,20271056,00.htm

AusRegistry pushes dot-au as fur flies over site branding
AusRegistry, the company responsible for the registry of
the dot-au domain space, is planning a multi-million dollar
marketing push to promote Australian domain names so they
are no longer confused with the more generic dot-coms.,2000024981,20271036,00.htm

ICANN Advisory Concerning VeriSign Announcement of Changes
to .com and .net Nameserver Behavior
On Friday, 3 January 2003, VeriSign Global Registry
Services announced a set of steps relating to the
implementation of internationalized domain name
capabilities, including changes in the behavior of the
authoritative name servers for the .com and .net zones.

ICANN Advisory Concerning .org Transition
On 1 January 2003, Public Interest Registry (PIR)
officially assumed responsibility as the registry operator
for the .org top-level domain.

9th Circuit Gives to California Supremes
Reluctant to extend tort law into the high-tech arena, the
9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday asked the
California Supreme Court to decide the last remaining
questions in the battle over the lucrative domain
name. Over a vigorous dissent, the majority on a
three-judge panel decided to ask California's high court
whether intangible property is subject to the tort of

Registry Action Leads To Wider Implications
A storm is brewing between some Internet pundits and the
operator of the .com and .net registries, Verisign Global
Registry Services (VGRS) over VGRS' changes to the Domain
Name System. While the changes relate to Internationalised
Domain Names (IDNs), they may have wider implications for
the Internet as a whole.

ICANN raises concerns over VeriSign IDN change
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN) on Tuesday expressed concerns regarding a service
launched last Friday by VeriSign Inc. designed to handle
internationalized domain names (IDNs).,,t269-s2128205,00.html

VeriSign splits off domain registrar
It's back to the future for Network Solutions. VeriSign has
created a wholly owned subsidiary to operate a new version
of the domain name business it bought three years ago. As
part of the move, the company will revamp the Network
Solutions brand, which has been downplayed since the
VeriSign purchase.

United States District Court, E.D. Louisiana. 
Greg Lloyd Smith, et al v. Intercosmos Media Group, Inc.,
Et al

Memorandum for the CIRA Board of Directors, President and
Counsel, ca-registrars, and the Department of Industry -
The way ahead
From: Timothy Denton
The next neeting of CIRA will once again consider the
question of whether registrars on the Board are capable of
discussing general registrar-registry issues without being
in conflict of interest. As many registrars sit on the
Board, the legitimacy of any decision it takes may be
questioned. Unless something is changed, this discussion
will not result in anything but acrimony. CIRA needs to
find a way out of this unproductive impasse. How do we do

Nominet UK submits the following comments on "Annex A
Preliminary Recommendations on ccNSO Membership".


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