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First of all we are in no way linked, partnered, allied with ING (Open
Your Mind), Internet Registrations Australia or any other reseller. actually rings customers from whitepages, yellow pages,
internet directories and notifies them of such scandals and scams that
have been done in the past. I think we all know of what we are talking
about here.

Secondly for all those who think may be scandolous or
doing a scam. is FAR FROM THAT! is
preparing a report to be put forward to a major Australian Television
Station. Under the circumstances we will not reveal which station and
when but we will notify the Australian Public about the domain affairs
and issues.

Before we give the report to the TV station which has requested it we
will pass it by the correct channels such as AUDA, ACCC and lawyers to
ensure our information is correct and we do NOT mislead anybody. I think
it's high time that the public is told.

FOR those who didn't understand what comdom stands for well it's just a
simple acronym for COMmercial DOMain protection. For those who still
don't get it, Those of us with a sexually active lifestyle use a CON
DOM. For companies who we protect, check COMDOM.NET.

Thirdly I DON'T think this line is an amuzing read:

" is Australia's leading corporate body for domain
    registration, transfer and renewal.'s fast and
    efficient services are backed by unsurpassed customer care and
    assured, guaranteed"

Because at least

1. Tells the customer the truth and we EVEN tell the customer that they
are welcome to go with any other reseller or registrar if they wish?

2. Offers a guarantee if a customer is unhappy and does everything in
its powers to resolve issues without disrupting normal business life?

3. Gives FULL admin control so the customer can be notified, not us "THE
RESELLER". For example when we searched through google, online
directories etc and then checked the admin contact for various companies
the admin contact were such email addresses as
adam&#167; and majority of those were the same. If this
is the authorised admin contact then I apologise profusely otherwise
what has been done by the reseller to give the rightful licensee (which
I assume is the domain-company owner) of that domain the rights to
receive keys, notification emails and important consumer alerts from
AUDA or their registrar.

4. Gives customers benefits that actually do help customers save. And
for those who mock our pricing, whenever a customer has come to us with
a lower price we have bettered that price quoted by the customer. SO
again we are only being fair and competitive in such a brutal market.

AS for the listing on AUDA's reseller list: Our lawyers will notify us
and the correct procedures will be taken to add uregister to the list.

Our sincere apologies if we have caused any disruptions and thank you
for your interest in

Now on a less defensive note if anyone is interested in helping setup
and deploy the system that we have listed in the news section at on the right hand side please contact us. If you
know of any thing that is similar, please contact
support as this is a product that we have sole distributorship for.

Thanks again!

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Quoting Open Your Mind on Friday January 24, 2003:
| You have received this advisory notice as an invitation to renew your
| at

Their website is an amusing read: is Australia's leading corporate body for domain
    registration, transfer and renewal.'s fast and
    efficient services are backed by unsurpassed customer care and
    assured, guaranteed.

"leading" and "unsurpassed", guaranteed no less,
but they are not even listed as a reseller..


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