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ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee
ICANN's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) is responsible
for considering and providing advice on the activities of
the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), as they relate to the interests of individual
Internet users (the "At-Large" community). ICANN, as a
private sector, non-profit corporation with technical
management responsibilities for the Internet's domain name
and address system, will rely on the ALAC and its
supporting infrastructure to involve and represent in ICANN
a broad set of individual user interests.

ICANN Announces Nominating Committee Chair and Interim
At-Large Advisory Committee Members
The Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN)
today announced that its Board of Directors elected Linda
Wilson to serve as the first chair of the new Nominating
Committee. The Board also elected ten volunteers from nine
different countries to serve as members of the Interim
At-Large Advisory Committee (Interim ALAC), the new body
formed to create closer ties between users of the Internet
and the ICANN Board of Directors.

At-Large Study Committee (ALSC) -- Proposed At-Large
Election Guidelines
Draft guidelines for an At-Large election based on the
ALSC's final report (and building on the 2000 Election
Committee's recommendations).

ccTLD IDN Task Force Meeting minutes - 13 January

Habermas&#167; Towards a Critical Theory of
Cyberspace (draft)
By A. Michael Froomkin

Statutory Protection Results in Win For IOC - from
A three-member National Arbitration Forum Panel found in
favor of the International Olympic Committee and the United
States Olympic Committee, granting transfer of five domain
names containing the OLYMPIC and OLYMPIAN marks with the
word "brand."

University Loses Domain Name Case
The University of Wisconsin has lost a UDRP dispute
relating to eight domains closely corresponding with the
abbreviated names of its various campuses. While the case
again shows that evidence is key to a successful UDRP
dispute, the Panellist also made useful suggestions of what
might be required to show rights in a name if registered
trade marks rights do not exist.
Drivers' domain bites the dust
Australia's new domain name dispute resolution system has
concluded its first hearing, on,7204,5861091%5E15342%5E%5Enbv%5E15306%2D15318,00.html could cost VeriSign $100m, says suit
Sex.Com, the disputed adult web portal currently owned by
Grant Media LLC, said it is a step closer to a ruling on
whether it can claim damages from VeriSign Inc for alleged
negligence in the transfer of the domain name to
another party.

Registrar opens office
Easyspace, an accredited ICANN domain name registrar, is
opening a regional office in Bangkok this month to tap into
growing demand for Internet services in Southeast Asia and

NTL suspends employee over hack
An NTL employee could lose his job concerning allegations
that he was behind a New Year's eve hack of

New rules domain names will ease transfers
Nominet UK, the registry for all internet domain names
ending in .uk, has introduced new rules for registration
and transfer of names. Significantly, domain name owners
having problems switching between ISPs can pay Nominet to
take care of the task.

Assemblyman Sees No Humor in Web Prank
Internet address uses Van Nuys legislator's name but
directs traffic to extremist content.,0,7712613.story


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