Re: [DNS] Consumer Alert

Re: [DNS] Consumer Alert

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 09:19:24 +0100
Quoting Jason Pay on Wednesday March 05, 2003:
| The Registrar fees paid to auDA should be enough to pay for a quarterly 
| auDA 'Authoritative' mail out similar to the one I mentioned below.

At the end of the day, for most people domain registration is an
inconsequential one-off procedure that they should do once and not worry
about again. In fact, for most it is a procedure done by proxy by their
ISP or web developer, so they don't know anything about it.

Such a mailout is treating the symptoms rather than curing the problem.
(Admittedly, at the moment the industry needs a bit of both..)

Wearing an "uneducated" domain name holder hat, I dont want to know
about my domain unless I have to renew it. Just like my business
name, and various other licences. I probably don't want to know the
intricacies of our industry. Similarly I don't want to know about how
my ISP makes routing arrangements, or where my office builder buys his

And now, back to reality. :)

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