RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

RE: [DNS] Consumer Alert

From: Ron Stark <ronstark§>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 12:39:07 +1100
Vic, not at all (and I see your cynic flag is on).

I'm still happy if accredited registrars act as the renewal authorities for
domain names under their control.  Resellers are the problem.  And I say
that even though I am one.

And before I get flamed by resellers, I'm not suggesting that they are of
necessity bad, nor am I stereotyping resellers.

Every time there's a scam, however, it's a reseller that is after the
renewal market.   All I'm advocating is a mechanism to eliminate that
opportunity.  The reseller's profit on domain names is marginal at best, and
some registrars are effectively competing with their own resellers in any

Let the reseller have a decent profit on the initial sale.  There are some
3.5 Million Australian commercial entities that are eligible for a domain
name, yet less than 10% have domain names.  What we really need are
incentives and business drivers to open up that other 90%, and remove the
squabbles over stealing a share of that existing 10%.


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>what you are proposing is to trash 90% of melbourneIT .au 
>business. its not a good idea.
>Ron Stark [ronstark&#167;] wrote:
>> Kim, little would change.  The car dealer does not go out of business
>> because he cannot make a profit on registration renewals - 
>he offers service
>> and value to his core business to retain his customers.
>> The number plate supplier gets his business from new cars 
>that the dealer
>> sells - just like it can be with domain names.
>> There are really two issues. One is the business model of 
>how profits are
>> made.  Domain name renewal profits are so small that it's a 
>service issue
>> rather than revenue issue. The real business is in added 
>value services.
>> The second issue is that of managing the domain name registration and
>> renewal process.  Right now it's done through a central 
>authority, using
>> accredited registrars. Under the current model resellers 
>have no standing in
>> any case.
>> The car registration model is understood by consumers, and 
>it's well proven.
>> The only ingredient missing, as far as I can see, is that of 
>> Ron Stark
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>> >
>> >Quoting Ron Stark on Thursday March 06, 2003:
>> >| 
>> >| All renewals are then done at a *lower* rate, and solely 
>> >through a central
>> >| authority, or at worst, solely through only accredited 
>> >registrars.  Just
>> >| like car registration renewals.
>> >
>> >How would you deal with the current industry which predominantly
>> >involves third parties running web and internet functions 
>on behalf of
>> >registrants? I'm not sure a company who pays someone to "run 
>> >my website"
>> >would be expecting to get their bills.
>> >
>> >If you decide it is a good thing, that there should be the 
>> >for a middle man or agent between the registry and the end 
>user - be it
>> >a registrar, reseller, afilliate, whatever, you will always have the
>> >possibility for problems.
>> >
>> >If you do eliminate any possibility for a middle man, you may 
>> >then get a
>> >situation where the middle man will still exist, will 
>register a domain
>> >name on behalf of the registrant, with the contact details 
>pointing to
>> >the agent rather not the registrant which I dont think is a 
>> >good outcome.
>> >
>> >kim
>> >(personally an advocate of the auDA does everything at cost model)
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