Re: [DNS] ?

Re: [DNS] ?

From: Mark Nearhos <mjn§>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 06:02:29 GMT
Sean Finn writes:

> All cool 'cept for one thing.
> This time, call me a noob instead of stupid,
> but what's an ACSnet and where can I find more info? :)
> Call me a digital historian.. :)

See Roger Clarke's "A Brief History of the Internet in Australia"

Which includes:

"From the mid-1970s onwards, Robert Elz at the University of Melbourne, and
Bob Kummerfeld and Piers Lauder at the University of Sydney ran the very
successful Australian Computer Science network (ACSnet). ACSnet's echoes
are still reverberating in the form of the domain. "
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