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international domain news

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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 22:19:34 +1100 (EST)
Aussie front-runner to head peak domain name body
Dr Paul Twomey, managing director of Argo Pacific, has
declined to comment on reports he is the leading contender
to become the next president of the Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Numbers.,2000024993,20272796,00.htm

Should Paul Twomey Be the Next ICANN President? - POLL
"For the first time in its short history, the organization
that manages the Internet's global domain-name system may
soon be headed by a non-U.S. citizen."

Melbourne IT gaffe threatens domain security
Melbourne IT has been caught out faxing domain name
registry keys and passwords to its client base without
customers' knowledge or permission, in a potentially
serious breach of domain name security.,2000025001,20272772,00.htm

Melbourne IT reports full year loss of $5 million
Internet domain name company Melbourne IT Ltd said today it
was well positioned for future growth after it reported a
full year net loss of $5.04 million.
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Governments hold reins in those national domains
The story of Internet governance typically focuses on the
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
(ICANN), a California, non-profit corporation. Established
by the U.S. government in 1998, its mandate is to
administer issues such as the allocation of new top-level
domains and the implementation of a domain name dispute
resolution policy.

.TM domain back on the market
The .TM country-code top-level domain space is back in
action after a four-year hiatus, bringing an additional
source of funds to Turkmenistan.,2000025001,20272805,00.htm

Would-be Internet domain chief demands Privacy
The man named on Friday as the leading candidate for the
vacant ICANN hotseat, has an interesting personal
perspective on domain names that is likely to raise serious
questions about his suitability for the job.

China opens up .cn domain 
Western businesses will soon be able to register .cn domain
names for the first time, and access the growing Chinese
e-commerce market.

ICANN Rio de Janeiro Meeting Topic: Whois Accuracy and Bulk
Whois data is an important resource to Internet users
including registrants, registrars, businesses, ISPs,
intellectual property holders, and governmental law
enforcement and consumer protection agencies. The DNSO
Names Council (now GNSO Council) established a Whois Task
Force in February 2001 in order to study and, as
appropriate, formulate recommendations on Whois policies.

In the final of's interview, Dr Black discusses
IANA and Nominet and CENTR's relationship with ICANN.

Exposing A Famous Secret: Well-known Trademarks Are Not
Easily Diluted
Will Moseley v. Secret Catalogue, Inc. restrain ICANN
Arbitrators In Future Domain Name Disputes? Under American
Federal trademark law no one can obtain exclusive trademark
rights to a personal name. Indeed, generally, since anyone
may use his or her own name in trade in the United States,
federal trademark law provides an equitable balance between
freedom of expression and the interests of those who want
to trade in their name. Applying this same common sense
approach to the UDRP should result in the rejection of many
of celebrity domain name complaints.

Jurisdiction over Domain Names: Too Much Law Or Too Little?
The article in the previous issue of CircleID discussed
John Zuccarini's many domain name registrations that still
remain operational -- arguably demonstrating law's failure
to address a problem many might expect it to handle.
However not all domain name questions escape the law.
Indeed, other recent events suggest that the law sometimes
goes too far. Of particular concern are two sets of
situations in which a country's law enforcement efforts
reach far beyond its borders.

Thinking Outside The ICANN Box: Creating A Prototype Based
On Internet Experience - Part II
The Internet's infrastructure needs protection and
administration. This infrastructure includes the Domain
Name System (DNS), the means of IP number allocations, and
the creation and maintenance of the Internet protocols,
etc. The "Public Treasure" proposal includes the
preparatory work to understand these systems so that they
can be protected and administered by a competent management

Building A Better World, One Domain At A Time
Can one domain make a difference? Issues like homelessness,
politics, war, and inequality seem so huge that it's easy
to feel powerless. Meet Michael Mann, the executive
director and founder of, a clearinghouse for
the best selection of domain names to build upon for
humanitarian purposes to enable non-profits and everyday
citizens to conduct their charitable activities online as
efficiently as possible.

UDRP Does Not Apply To Bad Faith Domain Name Renewals –
Part I
The purpose of the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, known
as the UDRP, is to determine disputes relating to the
registration or acquisition of domain names in bad faith. A
serious problem however may arise for the complainant if
the disputed domain name had been registered in good faith,
but was renewed and was being used in bad faith. The cause
of this problem lies in the fact that the Policy speaks
only in terms of "registration" and "use" and not in terms
of "maintaining" or "renewing" the domain name

Release of new domain names provides headaches for trade
mark owners
Trade mark owners already established in China and those
hoping to enter the Chinese market will face another threat
to their online rights from March 17. That is when the
registration of .cn second level domain names becomes open
to the public.


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