RE: Is this from Melbourne IT or just a scam?

RE: Is this from Melbourne IT or just a scam?

From: Josh Rowe <josh§>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 13:32:04 +1100
This is a scam, how ironic.


username =
password = renew.cgi
hostname = (
path = /
query-string =

In other words, this URL:;

can be simplified down to this:


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> Sent: Tuesday, 18 March 2003 12:10 
> To: dns&#167;
> Subject: Is this from Melbourne IT or just a scam? 
> We received about 5 of these, apparently from Melbourne IT, 
> its strange that even though this name does not expire till 
> 13-7-2003, we are told that we MUST pay Melbourne IT, and 
> that the name is SUBJECT TO DELETION.
> By the way try the link, I think the site is fake;

-----Original Message-----
From: Melbourne IT [mailto:noreply&#167;] 
Sent: Monday, 17 March 2003 2:51 PM
Subject: Renewal Notice (ABBOTSFORDCO.COM)

Dear Customer,

PLEASE NOTE: You may have registered your domain name through a
IT partner such as Yahoo!, MSN or your other Internet Service Provider. 
However payment for renewals must be made directly to Melbourne IT.

Your domain name ABBOTSFORDCO.COM is due for renewal.

If you renew your domain for more than one year you save. $35/year for 1
year $30/year for 2+ years

Please submit your payment online at:;

Please note that if you fail to renew your domain promptly it is subject

to deletion and will become inactive.

Renewal Department
Melbourne IT
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