RE: [DNS] FW: Introduction to .au Domain Names

RE: [DNS] FW: Introduction to .au Domain Names

From: Phil Wright <newsstuff§>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 10:15:29 +1100

I was more than happy about auDA actually doing something practical -
surprised but not miffed at all

My client contacted me thinking that it was another scam that he had
read about in the paper because I had not warned him to expect a
legitimate email about the domain etc

He like lots of people in the broader community are battle weary from
numerous headlines of scams and fraud in the industry and naturally
assume that any unsolicited emails with anything to do with domains are
a scam and junk mail

Without any fore-warning to indicate otherwise, I totally understand his
conclusion and expect that his reaction is not going to be an isolated

I agree that the issues need to be addressed and should have been better
addressed a long time ago.  

I can see however that without warning or informing the industry the
message; it's impact is getting watered down and being filtered as
unsolicited email - that is where the disappointment comes from.


Phil Wright

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Subject: RE: [DNS] FW: Introduction to .au Domain Names

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Phil Wright wrote:

 > Yes I got one of those today too (on behalf of a client) and was
rather  > surprised of this sudden new practice??????????

Phil, I was pleasantly surprised.

 > Mind you the email arrived 9 hours and 3 minutes after the domain was
> registered and visible in DNS - by that stage the client was already
> into the in's and out's of possibility of their domain implementation
> and loading a test site.  They were well past the stage of concern
about  > Registrars, Resellers or Codes of Practice by the time this
email  > arrived as the funds had already left their account.

Concerns about Registrars, Resellers and Codes of Practice are ongoing,
and I applaud AuDA for contacting registrants to explain these things,
and to provide contact details for further information and education.

 > I concur - some fore-warning would have served greater practicality
than  > just courtesy!

Registrars do not 'own' their customers; the 'industry' exists to serve
domain registrants and it doesn't worry me if they're better informed :)

 > Yes the text does seem to presume exposure or understanding of who
auDA  > and comprehension of what they purport to do.  Last Thursday I
had a new  > client at an initial meeting ask me "What are auDA; they
are the new  > Melbourne IT domain selling company aren't they?"
Needless to say it  > was hard not to grin...  Like this 'now educated'
client; most of the  > marketplace haven't a clue about who auDA are or
what their official  > role is.

Isn't such widespread registrant ignorance of how the Domain Name System
works in .au just what this email begins to address?  About time, I say.

 > It seems that timely announcements by auDA and general industry  >
communications are no longer included in this list run by auDA for  >
discussions and announcements to a captive industry audience - shame  >

You sound a tad miffed that AuDA contacted 'your' registrants directly? 

Cheers, Ian

 > Cheers
 > Phil Wright
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 > From: Anthony Dever [mailto:anthony&#167;] 
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 > Subject: [DNS] FW: Introduction to .au Domain Names
 > When did this become a policy to send these "welcome" emails to  >
registrants?  > 
 > I've only just noticed them.
 > I'm not against against the idea or content in them at all. In fact I
> think it is agood idea.  > 
 > I just would have liked some notice from auDA or my registar that
these  > were being sent to our registrants as it is always good to
communicate  > to our customers who they will be receiving information
from.  > 
 > Even though Chris does explain he is from auDA this means nothing to
> most small business registrants. I really would have liked the chance
to  > explain beforehand to my customers that they would be receiving
these  > emails.  > 
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 > From: returns&#167;
 > Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 20:02:49 +1100
 > Subject: Introduction to .au Domain Names
 > Hello
 > You are receiving this email because you are listed as the registrant
> contact for a new 
 > .au domain name ???????????
 > My name is Chris Disspain and I am the CEO of auDA, the Australian  >
internet domain name 
 > regulator. I am writing to you to explain some of the things that
auDA  > does to safeguard both 
 > your domain name and your rights as a domain name registrant.  > 
 > Each domain name in .au is managed by an auDA accredited registrar.
> Registrars and their resellers are bound by a Code of Practice  >
 > In our role as industry regulator, auDA publishes Consumer Alerts and
> other information that may be relevant to you. If you want to ensure
> that you are kept up to date, you can subscribe 
 > to our announcements list at
 > One of the responsibilities you have as a domain name registrant is
to  > ensure that the contact information in your domain name record is
kept  > up to date. To check your information go to 
 > and do a Whois search. If you need to
make  > changes to the 
 > information then you should contact your registrar.
 > I hope this information is of use to you. More detailed information
can  > be found on our web site, including our online brochure
Australian  > Domain Names - An Overview at  >
 > Please do not reply to this email by using the reply button. If you
wish  > to contact auDA, please email info&#167;  > 
 > Regards
 > Chris Disspain
 > CEO - auDA
 > info&#167;


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