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New ICANN head promises greater openness
The Internet addressing authority has been criticised as
secretive, but new president Paul Twomey says the
organisation is to turn over a new leaf.,,t269-s2132226,00.html

ICANN ready to chart a new course?
The Internet address authority has been criticized as
secretive, but new president Paul Twomey says the
organization is set to turn over a new leaf.

First Non-American to Head ICANN
Australian Paul Twomey, the incoming president and CEO of
ICANN, told reporters Wednesday afternoon his selection as
the first non-American to head the organization in charge
of the Internet global addressing system represents another
step in the maturation of ICANN. Twomey takes over for the
outgoing Stuart Lynn on March 27.

ITU Document for ccTLD Workshop
The survey queries 243 ccTLD name servers for an upcoming
ccTLD workshop.

ICANN Preliminary Report - Special Meeting of the Board
ICANN's Transition Board of Directors held a meeting by
teleconference on 18 March 2003. Directors Vint Cerf
(chairman), Amadeu Abril i Abril, Karl Auerbach, Ivan Moura
Campos, Jonathan Cohen, Masanobu Katoh, Hans Kraaijenbrink,
Sang-Hyon Kyong, Stuart Lynn, Andy Mueller-Maguhn, Jun
Murai, Alejandro Pisanty (joined the meeting while in
progress), Nii Quaynor (joined the meeting while in
progress), Francisco da Silva, and Linda S. Wilson
participated. The Board adopted the following resolutions:

ICANN Nominating Committee Announces Work Plan
Message from the Nominating Committee: Greetings from the
ICANN Nominating Committee. All but two of the Committee
members have been selected and are fully engaged in the
Committee's work. The Nominating Committe will be selecting
individuals to serve as ICANN Board Directors, GNSO Council
members, and At-Large Advisory Committee members. We aim to
complete these selections by the Montreal ICANN meeting in
late June 2003.

IANA - Procedures for Handling Requests by ccTLD Managers
to Change Nameservers
(scheduled to be effective 31 March 2003)
Preamble: This document modifies the procedures followed by
the IANA as of 19 March 2003. This document has been
coordinated between the IANA and a group of ccTLD managers
and members of the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory
Committee. The intent of these changes is to streamline the
procedures for ordinary changes without compromising the
minimally necessary checks for the integrity of the top
level of the domain name system.
This document specifically focuses on the procedure for
handling requests for changes in nameserver information in
the root zone relating to ccTLDs. gTLD changes have various
minor differences based upon contractual relationships.

Domain scam: Melbourne IT says fake site shut down
The site used to try and con Melbourne IT customers into
revealing their domain details was taken down last night,
Australian time, the media consultant to the domain name
seller said today.

Panel Orders Transfer of Misspelled Domain To Blue
Cross-Blue Shield - from
WIPO Panelist Michael Albert ordered the transfer of to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Association, finding that the registrant, Garrett Ltd./John
Nunley, had actual notice of the Complainant's BLUE CROSS
and BLUE SHIELD Marks when it renewed the domain name.

DNS expert: More sophisticated Internet attacks coming
Last October's denial-of-service attacks against the Domain
Name System (DNS) were only the opening salvo in what will
inevitably be far more sophisticated attacks against the
Internet's core addressing system.,10801,79576,00.html first local domain name to go
On Thursday the Canadian Internet Registration Authority
put the domain names of municipalities that no longer exist
due to amalgamation up for grabs and has already
been snapped up.

Amazon enters domain-name game
Add domain names to the list of things that online retailer can now offer to consumers.

Blog reports ‘.eu’ domain name awarded to EURid
The European Commission looks set to award the new ‘.eu’
top-level internet domain to EURid, a consortium of the
Swedish, Italian and Belgian domain administrators,
according to a report from IT news site The Register.


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