RE: [DNS] Domain Directors snatches top spot from Melbourne IT

RE: [DNS] Domain Directors snatches top spot from Melbourne IT

From: Richard Archer <rha§>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 10:29:04 +1100
At 10:17 AM +1100 27/3/03, Rod Keys wrote:

>Josh relies on information provided on web sites of registrars. Why
>registrars publish wholesale prices is beyond me. We don't publish our
>wholesale prices and I would think other registrars are the same. So how can
>you publish a document that purports to be reliable when it's clearly not.


If you choose not to publish the prices resellers can get from you
that's your business. Although I can't see what you could possibly
gain from not telling prospective customers how sharp your pencil

But you have absolutely no right to tell other people not to publish
their prices, and certainly no right to tell Josh not to publish a
compiled list of freely available information.

If you want your shit-hot prices on Josh's list, whack them up on your
web site and send the URL to Josh.

If you don't want your prices on the list, be content with the current
situation and quit your interminable whining.

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