international domain news

international domain news

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Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 23:56:08 +1000 (EST)
Dollar to hit domain group Melbourne IT 
Domain name company Melbourne IT said the strengthening
Australian dollar could hurt its 2003 profits.
Melbourne IT sees EBIT in first half exceeding $1m

AU domain registrar targets offenders
Australia's top domain name registrar, Melbourne IT, is
preparing to release a range of tools designed to help
domain name owners protect their brands, chief executive
Theo Hnarakis said today.,2000048640,20274701,00.htm

Tourism Tasmania loses bid for anti-woodchipping domain
Tourism Tasmania has lost its bid to secure the rights to a
domain name currently being used to criticise the Tasmanian
Government's forestry policy.,2000048590,20274401,00.htm

Can ICANN meet the needs of "less developed" countries?
On World Telecommunications Day last Saturday, the question
of the digital divide—the difference between the so-called
"developed" and "less developed" countries in terms of the
availability and use of new information and communications
technologies, particularly regarding access and use of the
Internet—was one of the main topics of debate. However,
less is understood about the growing knowledge and
participation divide between "developed" and "undeveloped"
countries on decisions regarding the global structure of
the Internet that is currently under the mandate of the
Internet Corporation for the Assigned Names and Numbers

ITU Workshop to develop a Recommendation to clarify the
management of ".int"

GNSO Council Teleconference on 22 May 2003 - agenda

Committee of the Board on Reconsideration
The Committee of the Board on Reconsideration is
responsible for handling requests for reconsideration of
ICANN Board and staff actions. Consisting of five
Directors, the Reconsideration Committee has the authority
to investigate and evaluate requests for reconsideration
and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors,
which ultimately determines how to resolve such requests.

CENTR Response on ERC 5th Supplemental Implementation
CENTR welcomes the significant effort the ERC has
undertaken to design an inclusive framework for industry
self-regulation. Whilst the fifth iteration of the ERC
report goes some way to accommodate the variety of the
diverse ccTLD community, the ERC draft recommendations are
silent or leave unaddressed several substantive issues.
To further better understanding of the key issues CENTR
would appreciate dialogue directly the ERC.

NatWest Wins Sucks Case - from
In a decision released today by WIPO, the Royal Bank of
Scotland Group/NatWest Bank received a favorable decision
in its case against the registrant of
In December 2002, NatWest prevailed in a similar case
against the same registrant.

Porsche Wins Six Domain Names in WIPO Case - from
German auto company Porsche won six domain names -,,,, and - in a decision issued by WIPO.


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