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El Ayuntamiento barcelonés pierde un juicio por el dominio
La marca puede volver a manos de sus antiguos dueños, Joan
Nogueras Cobo y Concepció Riera Llena, a través de una
empresa estadounidense de su propiedad

Consumer Policy Considerations on the Importance of
Accurate and Available WHOIS Data
This June 2003 document explains how accurate and available
Whois data can contribute to building consumer trust in the
online marketplace. It identifies some concerns about the
current functioning of Whois, and suggests possible
approaches to addressing these concerns.

Is Cybersquatting Killing E-Business?
Certain kinds of software exist that monitor which domains
have suddenly become available, then register them
immediately if they are well known, WIPO spokesperson
Francis Gurry told the E-Commerce Times.

AU domain administrator reviews info access
The .au domain administrator is considering relaxing some
of the limits on information about domain name holders in a
move designed to help academic institutions conduct
research about the Internet.,2000048590,20275012,00.htm

IANA Report on Redelegation of the .tw Top-Level Domain
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA), as part
of the administrative functions associated with management
of the domain-name system root, is responsible for
receiving requests for delegation and redelegation of
top-level domains, investigating the circumstances
pertinent to those requests, and reporting on the requests.
In September 2000, the IANA received a preliminary request
for redelegation of the .tw (Taiwan) country-code top-level
domain (ccTLD). This report gives the findings and
conclusions of the IANA on its investigation of that

Chinese Domain Names Officially Released  
The China Internet Network Information Centre has
officially released a series of Chinese domain names. Web
surfers can visit websites by directly typing Chinese
characters in the address bar of their browser.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC)
and MYNIC, Mimos Berhad (MYNIC) Personal Domain Name Public
Consultation Paper

Peru ruling gives trade mark holders cyperspace rights (sub
A decision issued by Peru’s national trade mark office has
recognized, for the first time in the country, the rights
of trade mark holders on the internet.


Domainz for sale
Domainz, the dominant domain name reseller in New Zealand,
will be sold by its owner, InternetNZ, by September this
year prior to the introduction of a new administrative

Geek domain just one step away
The second-level domain is now just one step from
cyberspace, following unanimous approval by the InternetNZ
council this week.

France's 3rd TV Channel Loses the Same Dispute Twice
Our French readers may wish from time to time to consult
the program listings of their favourite French television
station using its Web site., for example. Or
perhaps But you might not get what you expect
at the latter address; more likely you will find yourself
viewing Korean pornography.

ICANN Preliminary Report - Special Meeting of the Board
ICANN's Transition Board of Directors held a meeting by
teleconference on 2 June 2003. Directors Vint Cerf
(chairman), Amadeu Abril i Abril (joined, and then
departed, while meeting in progress), Karl Auerbach, Ivan
Moura Campos, Lyman Chapin, Jonathan Cohen, Mouhamet Diop,
Masanobu Katoh, Hans Kraaijenbrink, Sang-Hyon Kyong, Andy
Mueller-Maguhn, Alejandro Pisanty (joined while meeting in
progress), Helmut Schink, Francisco da Silva, Paul Twomey,
and Linda S. Wilson participated. The Board adopted the
following resolutions:
4th Circuit Reverses Barcelona.Com Decision (from BNA
Internet Law News)
The 4th Circuit Court of Appeal has overturned a lower
court decision that effectively upheld an ICANN UDRP
decision to transfer the to the City of
Barcelona. The court ruled that it would not grant ICANN
UDRP decisions any deference and had little trouble ruling
that the lower court erred in applying Spanish law to an
ACPA case. The court instead noted that the ACPA explicitly
requires the application of U.S. law.  Decision at


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