Re: [DNS] Melbourne IT - reseller accounts - renewal notices

Re: [DNS] Melbourne IT - reseller accounts - renewal notices

From: Steven Ebsary <steven§>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 22:46:40 +0800
I'd like to put a wish list out there to domain registrars, and see who can
meet it for resellers...

- Full Web Reseller interface
  - Order - Easy process that just requires the client eligability
  - Renew - even down to automatically (with clients permission)
  - Transfer - is the registry password enough? (a whole issue in itself)
  - Modify all domains without needing keys/passwords/etc
  - Modify/create contacts - admin, tech, billing
  - Default settings, contacts (client as admin, us as tech and billing), nameservers
  - Ability to credit your account online
  - Fully reseller orinated client contact/notification
    (or perhaps none at all, and let notify the reseller)
- Backend API to the above 
- Support for gTLD's, .uk and .nz?
- Documentation ;)

Got a few close...

Resellers need to be able to do as little as possible, as quick as possible to 
domains, whos up for the challange? (and please nothing as confusing as Network



Steven Ebsary
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