From: Josh Rowe <josh§email.nu>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 10:44:03 +1000
Here's an interesting one, Graham Webber has registered "web.id.au" and is now selling web.id.au sub-domains.

His web site suggests flowers.web.id.au, computers.web.id.au, sydney.web.id.au, design.web.id.au,e, dvds.web.id.au, etc.

Does this break any rules?

Web Id Australia

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The domain is registered by:

Domain ROID:             D0372576-AR
Domain Name:             web.id.au
Last Modified:           17-May-2003 00:47:27 UTC
Registrar ID:            R00013-AR
Registrar Name:               Enetica
Status:                  ok

Registrant:              Graham Webber
Registrant ID:           

Registrant ROID:         C1040255-AR
Registrant Contact Name: Graham Webber
Registrant Email:        gweb&#167;web.id.au

Tech ID:                 C1040256-AR
Tech Name:               Graham Webber
Tech Email:              graham&#167;webcity.com.au

Name Server:             ns1.enetica.com.au
Name Server IP:
Name Server:             ns2.enetica.com.au
Name Server IP:

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