Re: [DNS] "Scare" tactics for 'unregistered' domains

Re: [DNS] "Scare" tactics for 'unregistered' domains

From: Neale Banks <neale§>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 10:40:03 +1000 (EST)
On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, David James - The Pagesmith wrote:

> I'm getting thoroughly tired of fielding e-mails and hard-copy from
> domain resellers trying to scare my clients. The latest one, in hard
> copy from Domain Names Australia, tells my client that his "
> domain name is 'unregistered'. It is important to have your .com and
> domains registered ..." It goes on to say that "Failure to
> register the domain may: (blah blah)". 

Yep, got mine today {:-(

> On first reading my clients could be tricked into thinking that their
> domain is again up for renewal, so they send off the form and lo and
> behold they're the proud, and probably unnecessary, holder of a .com and
> a domain name.
> I abhor scare marketing and, for this reason intercept most of my
> clients' DNS-related mail so that I then don't have to field ten calls a
> day on the subject.
> Perhaps DNA and other resellers should agree on a code of ethics whereby
> the letter becomes an invitation rather than "the sky is falling".

Hear, hear.  Presumably the usual twitchy question of "Where did they get
the address?" also applies.

Hopefully "something can be done".  Time to write to auDA...

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