Re: [DNS] Consumer Alert - FYI

Re: [DNS] Consumer Alert - FYI

From: Craig Ng <Craig.Ng§>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 12:28:22 +1000
Hello Jason

I seem to be writing to you a lot today!!  :-)

Mr Rafferty is not an auDA Accredited Registrar, nor to my knowledge, a reseller that has been 'notified' to auDA by a registrar (as registrars are required to do under the Registrar Agreement).

For this reason, Mr Rafferty does not fall within auDA's direct or contractual sphere of control.  auDA's remedy lies in taking actions under the Trade Practices Act in the Federal Court, which it has done previously in relation to a specific mailout.


Craig Ng

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>>> jasonpay&#167; 19/06/03 12:16:43 pm >>> 

How many times does an organisation have to breach the auDA policy before 
their registrar / resellar status is revoked? 
looks like Mr Rafferty does not have a great deal of regard for the auDA 
policys and like some other organisations is persuing an agenda to reap as 
much money as they can while the regulations can be circumvented. 

>Both Mr Rafferty and Internet Registry Pty Ltd have been the subject of 
>previous media releases by auDA which can be located at: 

Chris Disspain 

CEO - auDA 

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